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Lurker, finally signed up. So Hello! (sorry this may be long just some rambling)

Was thinking about permissions lately. For instance a larger website has a need for more than 1 developer but right now you would have to have developers share a launcher account. What if you need to remove access to an individual. With a shared login it can’t easily be done can it? I’m not super informed but I try my best. Will I be able to add someone else’s account to my personal website data?
I am thinking of a system akin to a Proof of balance like the Quatloo trader software. Hold a certain amount or type of token and you gain access to a service. Not sure if any of the following could be done through smart contract or colored coin or natively:
-It’d be useful to be able to send someone a token that allowed them access to modify inside (parts) of my folders for like web development, need to be able to revoke that access. maybe some kind of reverse locktimeverify where the access is set to expire at a certain time but the owner can pull the plug early.
-It’d be useful to be able to sell someone a token that gains them access to XYZ software, content etc. I guess it could just be sold for safecoins, but the goal would be that the program recognize an access token is currently held and unlocks only for the verified user.

Anyone thought of how to implement the Bitcoin protocol or any alts over the safe network yet? (coin-inception:coinception :wink: ) Could be some interesting secure wallet services made to run through safenetwork.

Anyone have thoughts yet on how farmed Safecoins will dilute the crowdsale issuance?

Nice logo choices in the 99designs thread!

Great work with the testnets, ive run a few and they have all seemed smooth. Since there isn’t a farming yet enabled i imagine maid is 3months to 6 months away from any real alpha release. With the new hires onboarding and the fact that farming will need testing anyone think it will take longer?

I’ll check on this tomorrow. All the best!

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What you are looking for is structured data. This is proposed to be build later on. It’s a bit like google docs where several people have the ownership or can work on the same document.

There were discussions about this before, this is 1 I could find.

Someone is working on a way to create altcoins on SAFE. You could even have them use POW.


thanks so much for the information polpolrene!