Some quick graphic-rich how to's would really help non-technical users setup

think about what happens to maid safe price when someone is new goes to try the product before investing. And what I quoted below happens to them? They think it’s defunct product.

I’m personally not interested in (immediate gains) gains although I am a large bag holder.

Perhaps the solution is a more self directing installer?

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I did not mean to project this idea. I totally believe in maidsafe and I have a small holding of coins myself. I merely don’t fully understand how to make it work just yet. I totally agree with you, at the minute its is not completely user friendly for the non tech people out there myself very much included. A simple step through guide would be great for folks like myself. I fully understand the product is only in testing and this will be eradicated over time.



That is the plan.

Please understand this is pre-alpha testing and is in no way meant for anyone other than people wishing to test it, or just have to see it.


Software is currently not targeted at novice or beginners. The userbase will be broadened later as this all evolves. Probably much later.

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Maybe this might help

Happy SAFE Network testing :stuck_out_tongue:

Step1 download this

Step2 download this

Step3 change this in your browser

Step 4 have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s what the fu@k I’m talkin about my dude! Respect! :v: :sunglasses:

Always make it easy peasy. :wink:


amazing dude the murky waters of IT have just become so much clearer for me:grinning:. Thanks a million

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Advice for the proper emoji display.

Put a space before and after the emoji. Otherwise if it’s combined with a word or a character, it’ll display the emoji command instead.


Blah blah:slight_smile:

Notice the above. There is no space between the last letter of blah and the : part of the emoji string. In most cases this will not display the emoji properly to other forum members because no space was put in between the last thing you wrote and the emoji you chose.

This on the other hand will - Blah blah :slight_smile:

It displayed properly because I made sure to put a space before and after the emoji.

Hope that helps!

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