Some questions about safe network?

Is safenet only available through a browser? When launched, will it run on consumer hardware? That is 16 gig ram and an i3 6th gen level processor with plenty of storage?

What would be the size of the safenet browser installer? I learned something about put price for putting data. What is the estimated cost of a single put command for 1 GB of data?

Thanks in advance.


No, there is an API to create any app, currently also a CLI. nodes who earn to store data etc. can run healdess or also with monitoring apps, see vdash.

This will fluctuate, unlike others the network set’s this cost and it’s based on the payment to earners. It pays more when it needs resources and less when it has enough. So this balance will ensure the costs are as cheap as possible. We also target consumer devices for earning, this also should push costs down further.


Is it possible to buy up put rights for say 1 tb when the price is low?

No, you pay the moment you upload the data.


Sorry @JimCollinson, but reading this now in common parlance only further shows “earners” to be poor/deficient terminology. The lexicon needs another revision here with something more appropriate. #HonestFeedback


I don’t see the issue. This is off topic.

Maybe something like steward or custodian?

Network tokens represent some fraction or whole of a “put right”. So you may speculate by buying/selling/holding tokens based on what you think may happen to the cost of a put on the network. But no one knows the future, so it’s just your speculative investment.

Yes, definitely.


I wouldn’t see the issue in using ‘farmers’ here BTW.