Some questions (15 characters for a topic title?)


I have been finding the time to check-in more often here on the forum lately, maybe these questions have been answered already so my apologies in advance.

As someone who has been following for the SAFEnet for a while I am somewhat aware of the current status, but because I haven’t been around for a while I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything so I did some searching, I had a hard time finding some things that I feel are rather important. So, I logged into the forum with a mindset as someone who has just signed up for the forum.

The questions:

Why isn’t the post for Alpha pinned? If I am a user that checked out Safenet forum a year ago, saw there was nothing to download and decide to come back later, I come back today and it seems there is still nothing to download, if I decide to search what do I search for?

OK, I find the software and install it, where can i find safenet links to browse? Again I have to search, if you do a search for safenet links all that comes up are these outdated posts

Where can a non github user post feedback? Github is not easy to use, esp as a newb, I joined the safenet forum to be able to have conversations regarding the safenet but I cant give feedback on the safenet forum about safenet software? e.g. There are typos in the launcher, apps try to access my SAFE drive, what does that mean, is that safe? Apps can pretend to be other apps,? this seems really strange. The demo app allows me to upload public data, how do I share that data with others if it is not in website format? I have more questions regarding feedback but am not sure where to post them on the forum, under support? Do I create a topic for each separate question? Sorry for my ignorance but if I have it others must too.

Why isnt BTTF fundraising pinned? This is a pretty important fundraiser, why should I have to search or scroll down for it? Upon double-checking this I noticed if I am not logged in BTTF is pinned, if I am logged in I have to search for it. So, a new forum user views the site to see updates, sees the BTTF is posted and decides to create a forum account, once created they have to search for the post? Strange I find.

Again, apologies if this have been answered /discussed, I am trying to catch up here on the forum and having a hard time finding stuff, imagine if I was a completely new user, I would get pretty frustrated.


lol, is it my anniversary here? Whats up with the cake? Two years Oct 15th I think


So, I made that post and BTTF post is pinned even if I am logged in, did someone change that? If not, seems buggy that it wasn’t pinned before but is now, perhaps my Brave browser ???

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We have some much we want to share with people, it would be a lot of pinned topics if we pinned them all.

People can use the forum as well if they have questions. I agree on GH being a barrier.

It is, we also update the topic after several new investments came in.

We also needed to pin the URL-topic as some where still using our old URL which now points to a different project.

Maybe we need one permanently pinned topic with just an OP (no replies allowed) that has important links in it specifically for new visitors and people returning now and again? Short and sweet, with links to current alpha, websites on the alpha to visit, latest project news etc.

I think for the duration of the fundraiser, that link should be pinned “permanently” until it finishes.