[solved] PrivacyBadger sees discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5 as a "tracker"

If use the PrivacyBadger anti-tracking extension with your browser and you have problems viewing the forums (e.g. site stays empty except for a few non-working links), click on the badger icon and set “discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5”, and possibly “avatars.discourse.org” to allow.

This fixes the problem.

I’m probably not the only one with a paranoid setup like this, so maybe this is helpful to someone. I have reported this as a broken site problem to the EFF so hopefully there will be an automatic solution.

@frabrunelle, can we talk to discourse hosting to notify them of this?

I tried to reproduce this bug, but wasn’t really able to.

On Firefox, no domain is blocked.

On Chrome, discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5 and avatars.discourse.org are blocked, but the site doesn’t appear broken.

What browser are you using @wumpus?

If one of you is able to reproduce this bug, please let me know :slight_smile:

Once we figure out how to reproduce the bug, we could notify them by replying in this topic:

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Strange that no one is able to reproduce. I’m using Chromium.

Edit: I’ve returned control for discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5 to the badger, but don’t get the empty site now anymore. This is weird. I did check through the web developer panel that requests were actually blocked at the time. I wonder if something w/ PrivacyBadger was tweaked in the mean time.

In any case, issue seems to be solved.

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