[Solved]How to deal with "Could not connect to the SAFE Network"?

I’m using latest SAFE browser and get this error when logging in:

Anything I can do about it?

Problem solved. It is about IP address. I used a proxy to browse invite.maidsafe.net, so the IP address wasn’t correct.


Check your IP on the invitation page?


Set your IP here:


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so I just became a basic member i set my ip and it gives me a long number to input into the authenticator does that mean the account secret on the safe browser? and what do i put for my password?

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Go to “create account” in SAFE Browser
Click Continue
Paste in the Invite Code
Click Continue
Choose a longish word / string for the account secret and confirm it
Click Continue
Choose a longish word / string for the account password and confirm it (you can use the same one as the account secret if you want)
You’re in.

If you get an error message (see above) make sure you have set your IP address at https://invite.maidsafe.net/


Patients. You will be approved

When I go through these steps, I get “Invitation already claimed”, which makes sense, because I already claimed it and successfully got logged in, but can no longer get logged in. I store everything in lastpass. I don’t appear to even be able to create a new account.

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