Solid on SAFE Updates

I’m not sure I can easily, as I don’t think in terms of competition here. The projects have very similar values and goals. The solutions have some overlap and some differences. Solid on SAFE is an attempt to take the strengths of each project and put them together.

So from Solid that’s linked/semantic data, decoupling ownership of data from apps while making apps interoperable with each other’s data.

From SAFE that’s true decentralisation to the max, security from the ground up, censorship resistance, anonymity, a radically democratising economic model for developers and users, and commerce using a built in massively scalable, anonymous, energy efficient digital cash. There’s more, such as data in perpetuity, but I’m running out of breath!

Hope that helps.


Thanks that does help :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


In this post I’m going to add some info about the Solid apps as they become available to try on SAFE alpha2. This is work in progress / testing as I go. All the apps work in mock with some limitations and bugs, but there are likely to be extra issues moving onto SAFE so I’d like people to try them out.


  • an account on alpha2 (see Get Involved/Claim an invite)
  • SAFE Browser v0.14.x
  • a SAFE WebID. Creating a SAFE WebID requires you to start SAFE Browser, log into your account and enable the Experimental APIs using the drop-down menu on the far right of the browser toolbar. You can then open a drop-down menu immediately to the left of the address bar and choose ‘Launch WebidManager’ which opens a new tab where you can create a WebID. Some older instructions for use with an earlier browser (Peruse) are available here.

Solid Filemanager

Status: available now at safe://solid-filemanager

Using Solid Filemanager:

  • start SAFE Browser and log into your account (if you have a problem here make sure your IP address has been set by visiting
  • enable the Experimental APIs using the drop-down menu on the far right of the browser toolbar
  • open a new tab and visit safe://solid-filemanager
  • type a valid safe website address into the popup which appears, such as safe://dweb, and click ‘OPEN DIRECTORY’

After a delay the app should display a set of icons with names representing the files and directories at the location you used. You can double click to display files in a simple editor, and on directories to show what they contain.

You can navigate directories using the ‘breadcrumb’ navigation in the header of the app, and change the storage location using the drop-down menu at the top right of solid-filemanager.

Limitations and Bugs:

  • you can’t edit content at the moment because Login doesn’t work on alpha2 due to SAFE Browser issue #920 (It does work in mock).

Please let me know if you try this, and if anyone would like to write a short / safe://dweb blog post to show others how to try it out… off you go! DWeb uses markdown so if you can provide it formatted in markdown along with screenshots images that would be great.

Any Solid Filemanager bugs can be reported in this topic or if you have an account on GitHub please use issues.

Solid IDE

Status: will have to wait for Fleming and refactor of SafenetworkJS for the new data types API :frowning:

I’ve been unable to fit the ace editor within the 1000 PUT limit, despite three attempts trimming out less important bits. This is a shame because it is a useful app and a great demo! So onto Plume…

Solid Plume

Status: not yet ready

You’ve seen it before, but this version will be without me hacking the Plume code. It will be all just original Plume code with SAFE compatible Solid libraries added.


Just trying safe://solid-filemanager now. I can navigate to a safe:// site and see the files and folders (looks nice!) and the search works very well, but I can’t rename or copy or edit them, or create a file or folder etc, because of the limitation you mention above no doubt. I can’t see an ‘Issues’ tab on the GitHub repo. Do you want to create one, or alternatively I can report anything I find here.


Thanks for trying out out John, that’s really useful. I hadn’t even tried search so that is great to know, and yes - you can’t make any changes because of the login issue. That is needed in order for the app to Auth with SAFE. So without it everything is read only.

I’ve added an issues to tab now, so yes if you’d like to use that it would be great.

Update: @JPL thanks John, those look like general issues so doubly helpful :slight_smile: You can continue to put issues on my fork because I’ve told Otto the author so he can pick them up at some point.


Amazing community we have here, and big thanks you to @JayBird for having a go. It helps a lot!


Hmmm - I can’t see the post. Is it published yet?

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No, had some small questions first, got screenshots and figured it all out more or less but haven’t wrote it up yet. Gonna get it done today, coffee and figuring out markdown and forking things is the plan for the day, hurrah for holidays


Also it’s a pleasure to actually be able to help out with something @happybeing, if it means you can crack on with your projects I’m thrilled to oblige


Yes it helps a lot. Instead of blogging I’ve been updating DWeb Blog to React-Static v7 (main thing is ability to use React hooks which I believe is a big plus).

Then I’ll probably take another look at the Solid on SAFE Login/Auth issue as Maidsafe believe they’ve fixed the issue I was having on alpha 2.

This all works on mock so I will be staring hard at loginFromUri() which seems to be the problem when running on alpha2.


The Men Who Stare at Code


Funny film.


Good news re JayBird assistance! Have set up my WebID and tried the safe://solid-filemanager.:partying_face: Had a similar experience to JPL. Tx for your help with my queries!

Will look at the dweb set up steps starting with…

Step 1: Clone the dWeb Blog code into a directory named for your intended website project, using git. For example, if you are making ‘the-best-blog’ you would type:

git clone the best blog

… substituting “the best blog” for safecommons

Questions to follow :thinking:


Great stuff @communitylink, glad you got to play with Solid Filemanager :slight_smile:

I suggest we start a new topic for getting to grips with DWeb Blog. I’ll leave it to you if you like.

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Solid and Safe Network seems like a match made in heaven.


Why Solid on SAFE?

New post on dWeb Blog: Why Solid on SAFE? the content of which is self explanatory. Please read and share if you think it interesting to others.

My thanks to:

  • @david-beinn for being guest editor and vastly improving the piece
  • @Dimitar for the header image (credited at the top if you look carefully)
  • @Nigel for his earlier safegit image (belatedly credited at the top of that post!)

One area Solid is getting ahead of SAFE is helping developers by creating tools and libraries for building apps.

The good news is that using Solid on SAFE, many of these will be useful for building apps on SAFE anyway, with the added bonus of them separating data from the apps, and preventing users being locked in.

Here’s a taster: Solid UI widgets for chat, notes and so on. There are lots more goodies for building apps already, and more being created:


Looking forward with excitement on what Solid and SAFE will show/bring us when the network goes live. :heart_eyes:


A little preview because I love visualisation apps. Here is spoggy running with the latest SAFE Browser (locally, not on the shared vault yet). Here’s a screenshot of it showing some of the files and folders at safe://dweb/