Solar Roadways




Where we’re going you wont need roads :smiley:


Even better if we don’t need roads and can telecommute or end up with levitation or something like that.

On the surface those tiles would break, or get vandalized, dirty or stolen. But they might power an army of electric cars and free municipalities from endless expensive repaving. They could free us from oil. No more Iraqs, 911s, Afghanistans- the end of endless tragedy and potentially a big change in warming. Negative feed back kept citing cost of development. 50 million was supposed to be too much. It reminds me of Tesla. These things look like they would quickly pay for themselves even at smaller scales. Surely we could sacrifice a year’s worth of oil profit to be free from its dirty toxic politics. Its time for people to make up their minds and act together to outright get rid certain industries- presuming a reasonable replacement which is often just a matter of technology and political will.

Getting rid of industries.
We may be coming to a point where people get together and simply get rid of certain industries. We know that voting with the wallet is not enough. Tax, subsidy and regulation are other tools. Charter revocation is another. Regardless of the means the people are expected to pick winners and losers. The argument for getting rid of an industry isn’t much difference than the argument industries make when they lay people off. Some obvious targets are industries set up to create unnecessary centralization and power concentration. For some the chief utility for oil is being able to threaten other with shutting off their oil- leading to nuclear proliferation etc. It’s an obvious target. Other targets could include telecom and cable.

It’s not a given, even in the US, that a referendum would be necessary to subject the oil industry to a VAT and then channel the subsidy to competitors while insisting the industry compete on a zero emissions basis. Investors can be told that they have to factor in the risks of true costs accounting in their investments and reminded that this won’t happen without them first absorbing demonstrated losses. This may lead to oil trying to get extra dirty in other areas of world to recoup, but in that case those firms would be barred from domestic markets- it’s time to break lowest common denominator trade agreements as they are suicidal. When a public decides to kill an industry protectionism is a more than fair cost to pay.

Apply the Bonewit’s scale for cult danger to an offender industry:

“1 Internal Control: Amount of internal political and social power exercised by leader(s) over members; lack of clearly defined organizational rights for members. 1 _________________________
2 External Control: Amount of external political and social influence desired or obtained; emphasis on directing members’ external political and social behavior. 2 _________________________
3 Wisdom/Knowledge Claimed by leader(s); amount of infallibility declared or implied about decisions or doctrinal/scriptural interpretations; number and degree of unverified and/or unverifiable credentials claimed. 3 _________________________
4 Wisdom/Knowledge Credited to leader(s) by members; amount of trust in decisions or doctrinal/scriptural interpretations made by leader(s); amount of hostility by members towards internal or external critics and/or towards verification efforts. 4 _________________________
5 Dogma: Rigidity of reality concepts taught; amount of doctrinal inflexibility or “fundamentalism;” hostility towards relativism and situationalism. 5 _________________________
6 Recruiting: Emphasis put on attracting new members; amount of proselytizing; requirement for all members to bring in new ones. 6 _________________________
7 Front Groups: Number of subsidiary groups using different names from that of main group, especially when connections are hidden. 7 _________________________
8 Wealth: Amount of money and/or property desired or obtained by group; emphasis on members’ donations; economic lifestyle of leader(s) compared to ordinary members. 8 _________________________
9 Sexual Manipulation of members by leader(s) of non-tantric groups; amount of control exercised over sexuality of members in terms of sexual orientation, behavior, and/or choice of partners. 9 _________________________
10 Sexual Favoritism: Advancement or preferential treatment dependent upon sexual activity with the leader(s) of non-tantric groups. 10 _________________________
11 Censorship: Amount of control over members’ access to outside opinions on group, its doctrines or leader(s). 11 _________________________
12 Isolation: Amount of effort to keep members from communicating with non-members, including family, friends and lovers. 12 _________________________
13 Dropout Control: Intensity of efforts directed at preventing or returning dropouts. 13 _________________________
14 Violence: Amount of approval when used by or for the group, its doctrines or leader(s). 14 _________________________
15 Paranoia: Amount of fear concerning real or imagined enemies; exaggeration of perceived power of opponents; prevalence of conspiracy theories. 15 _________________________
16 Grimness: Amount of disapproval concerning jokes about the group, its doctrines or its leader(s). 16 _________________________
17 Surrender of Will: Amount of emphasis on members not having to be responsible for personal decisions; degree of individual disempowerment created by the group, its doctrines or its leader(s). 17 _________________________
18 Hypocrisy: amount of approval for actions which the group officially considers immoral or unethical, when done by or for the group, its doctrines or leader(s); willingness to violate the group’s declared principles for political, psychological, social, economic, military, or other gain. 18” _________________________

Most oil companies would probably be a 9 or 10 on the scale.


And we don’t need to replace all the roadways with solar panels to meet our every needs…

It would actually be pretty wasteful to do all that.

You would actually be amazed to know how few panels we each need to meet 100% of our energy needs.


Glad to see this, yet it is a major centralization risk; however, I also would prefer one of these:


Yes levitation would be much better.

Sorry for another non sequitur but I was thinking of another thread where some members were assailing the carrying capacity ideas on over population. And thinking in conjunction with a new awareness of a constant charge that new world order supporters want to roll back population to the level we had in the 1600s- well maybe they feel 500 million people vice 7 billion is simply much less of a long shot for hierarchy and monarchy etc. Maybe they figure the simply don’t have a chance against motivated ability those numbers would produce. Therefore we have to hurry up get rid of their power base with decentralized distributed systems.