Software ready to download?

Is this real?

Who said that?

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I’m pretty sure they said that would be the goal of the next sprint, and I think that’s still in the planning week. So we’re more looking at closer to a month rather than a week for dev bundle 1


With the current rate of development, how many sprints do you estimate the two remaining bundles to take?
2 :wink: (one sprint == one bundle, the parts may move from 3 -> 2 and vice versa but all in next 2 sprints)

[Edit, the current completed sprint was the biggest we will probably ever do, I hope]

Here’s the link. So for the installers, you probably have to wait a few more weeks. Or maybe someone will provide a program to do some self encryption etc.

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That’s correct. In the topic it’s stated that the next sprint will be about creating the 1st Dev Bundle. And the sprint after that about creating the second one. So that’s why it will probably take some more weeks before we see installers.

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Ohw, didn’t know that. That would be cool.


So with this “Dev Bundle 1” - will I be able to use maidsafe already as a user and a farmer? Or is this just for developers still?

Yeah but why read when you can ask


All questions are welcome on this forum. If you don’t want to help, please don’t comment.


Perhaps you should try to read the topic before you police it.

  • I answered the original question less than 5 minutes after it was posted by providing a link to Nick’s post in which there’s a link to (And without any comment of my own).
  • On the roadmap page it takes 10 seconds to realize that the s/w isn’t ready for download yet, and the same page also answered the question that was asked later (that farming won’t be possible until Dev Bundle 2), so clearly the person who asked didn’t bother to read the first answer at all (otherwise he wouldn’t have asked the second question) which clearly shows the complete lack of effort.

But hey, you’re a moderator, why bother? Shoot first, ask questions later!

It really doesn’t matter if the person “bothered” (assumption, judgement) or if you believe you answered adequately, or think you provided enough information already. You can still choose not to respond, or to do so in a friendly manner. I judge your response to be unfriendly and not consistent with the forum guidelines.

I advocate and support that policy because it’s my personal judgement that the forum works best if we deal with each other, and particularly people who are new, or are asking questions because they have an interest, with respect and friendliness - even if we believe they are not doing this the way we might like them too.

If you don’t like the way this person is learning, you can just leave them alone. As you say, the information is there, and there may or may not be others like me, who will pick up questions that you don’t want to answer courteously.


I agree with @happybeing

This is a forum.

The very definition of forum is a place of discussion.

I cant stand it when people on forums say things like ‘this has been asked a million times before’ and insinuating it shouldn’t be asked (for *** sake that’s like trying to control what people talk about, its ***** ridiculous, what is this North Korea???) etc.

There are two solutions to this 1, get over it. People will always ask questions, the same ones, over and over again. Either help them out by linking to where its been answered before, answer it yourself or mind your own business and ignore it or 2, The forum can smarten up and do what other forums do by redirecting the forum post to a similar one for anyone subscribed to it and then deleting it. does this really well.

Its all really simple and guess what not all people can understand technical terms even if they do find that information.

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Seeing how this conversation has turned towards the forum guidelines:

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I added the bold to highlight my point.


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Hmmm, this inspired a lot of discussion…

I see there is a challange here with communicating with non tech nerds (as you understood from my question I am not super into all the technical terms).

So I guess the answer is that we still wait for something that ordinary users can just download and use.

Correct, but if you check the forum on a regular basis you’ll see them as soon as they appear. Especially the Dev-updates will tell you (another on coming today). These won’t be a full functional 1.0 version of the software, it will be installers for us all to test the network.

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However some feedback may be appropriate here. It would have been helpful if the roadmap contained some basic textual information that is easy to understand for non-technical people. A time line with year and month when things are planned to be done would also be exciting!

Or 3, what another site I know of does, is have a bunch of pinned FAQ type topics that answer questions that have already been asked and explain common information. Basically pinned information posts.

Weekly updates with all the technical details about exactly what the Dev-team is doing. A link to JIRA, where you can see in detail what they’re doing (on a minute to minute basis). A whole forum where you can ask questions and get multiple answers (sometimes within minutes). We’re all excited about the project, we all want to hear: “In 3 weeks we’ll release this, a week after that we’ll release that”. But that’s not how things are done when developing software. Ethereum Frontier (their 1.0 version) is at 98% if you check their barometer, but even they can’t give you a date for when they launch. That’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because with software you want to check, check and double check. If you fix one bug, you might find another at that same time. And don’t forget, Maidsafe changed to another program language to make it easier for other Devs to jump in. They also changed the architecture. They also decided to build in other modules. And again, you can ask questions here on the forum and I’m sure you’ll get all the answers you want.


You’re right. Jira, github, the forum, (and I don’t mean to be insulting because time and effort is put into it) the roadmap lastly, simply because things change direction so fast even though this current one seems to really be holding up. The answers are there and I know it’s not all laid out for the non techy but just do what I did after learning about Maidsafe, buy a programming for dummies book, go back and fourth between system docs and Wikipedia, go to github and button mash till you figure out how that works and next thing you know you have a general understanding, you’re well informed by the resources available, and your jaw drops even further over how amazing and impactful this tech will be on the world.
And for extra curricular understanding read the blogs at