Sofia Manicipality needs the Safe Network

Today I was part of a focus group about “Blockchain trust between citizens and government of Sofia Manicipality” and the full consensus of the focus group was that blockchain is not suitable for storing information (documents) and only hashes can be stored on a blockchain…

So although it still does not know it Sofia Manicipality needs the Safe Network :slight_smile: And any other state institution needs it too …


These are the kind of people I want to approach when my wad of MAID is worth like a datacenter of storage. Forget just selling the coin. I will go sell them a solution for more then it would cost to do it themselves but with the advantage to them of not having to figure it out themselves.

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I think even the most diehard of blockchain fans are coming to willingly admit that fact. The timing couldn’t be better for MaidSafe to step in and fill that void with The SAFE Network. The first question the market will have, however, is what can I build/do with SAFE today. I think there’s an opportunity to create clear, consistent messaging around that.