Society is right on track for a global collapse, new study of infamous 1970s report finds

Human society is on track for a collapse in the next two decades if there isn’t a serious shift in global priorities, according to a new reassessment of a 1970s report, Vice reported.

This does not mean the end of humanity, but the end of capitalism.

The report goes on to say there is still a fix, Through the Stabilized World (SW) scenario. In this way humans decide to deliberately limit economic growth on their own, before a lack of resources forces them to.

Not sure if humans are capable of this.

But I think we need to have the Safe Network in place to help humanity better deal with such a collapse through lateral power sharing, which is based on decentralized economics. I think the Safe Network could potentially still be profitable, and a growing source of economics for the masses, even under the (SW) scenario; as data will become ever more important to economic growth beyond raw resources.

What do you think, are we headed for a collapse? Can the Safe Network play a large role in the solutions we need to fix this?

Nope. There is only capitalism or slavery. Hard money insures there will always be some capitalism and hopefully the Internet will remain a thing into the future insuring that large scale black markets can grow and persist against the evil of Statist slavers working to destroy capitalism so that they can have an unchanging oligarchy – “competition is sin” in their minds and capitalism guarantees competition – which is why they seek to crush it.

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