Social Media strike on July 4 and 5

Faq about the project to decentralize social media by Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia. He also calls for a social media strike on July 4 and 5.


Wow just wow, let’s spread this, this deserves its own thread!!!


Why: We, the strikers, urge the global developer community to perfect a new system of decentralized social media.

Are they aware of SAFENetwork developers?

July 4th is a Thursday night update.
Maybe maidsafe could tweet…

#SocialMediaStrike We are working on it.

The need is clearly out there for safenetwork.

If maidsafe have coorporatre access to twitter you can select all tweets of people that used that hashtag, and could market them the new netowkr?


This sounds like it might be a great idea, but I don’t fully understand it. Could you clarify a little?

Maybe make an ad that appears to people that use that hash tag?

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OK I get it. Thanks!

Edit: And I do like the idea. But I would not spend too much money giving it to a centralized social network provider.

Edit 2: Now I don’t like the idea. I don’t trust this kind of marketing through a traditional channel. Somehow, we won’t get our money’s worth.

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Sorry I am too twitter addicted to give it up for 3 days lol. Really in general I don’t think this kind of thing is productive. It’s better to come to the table and talk to people inside then it is to artificially lower production with a strike IMO. Like last night they charged males 20 dollars at the new club. I didn’t say you suck and walk away. I just payed up and went to see if the ratio was really that much better then the old club. It was about the same so when I was in line to get back in I told some guys what the situation was and they were like thanks for the info lets go to the old club. If I just boycotted them they would have not got my 20 but they would have got those 5 other guys to overpay.

The use case is that Twitter and Facebook etc will see a reduction in those two days and get the message that a changemust happen

I don’t see why they will care if its just an artificial reduction though. If people were really leaving that’s another story. It’s like sure whatever go on strike but eventually you obviously want this job or you would just quit. Just gotta hold out long enough and the union will crack.

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It’s a call from people that they will go elsewhere if things stay the same

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I guess I am just questioning how credible the threat is. Where else are we going? If there was a better competitor then why even threaten to leave? Just leave and go to the better one.


Yes, come join the fediverse and make it become the alternative because you and plenty of people joined :wink:

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just looking up what this is. It sounds rly cool! Like a lot of the features of the SAFE network, but not quite as advanced. I think SAFE will kill this, but at least for now its something that’s finished being developed !

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I’m sure it’s at the top of their lists @Zoki such a well known and popular project… Zzzzzzz :poop: JK