Social Media Metrics

I’ve noticed quite a few threads recently with an increased urgency on marketing - and there have been a lot of good ideas in them.

For some reason, I happened to notice that the number of Maidsafe Twitter followers when @SarahPentland joined a couple of months ago was hovering around the 42,000 mark. It’s now just crossed the 50,000 follower mark.

It is clear that the teams marketing efforts are picking up and there has been tangible progress over the last couple of months. Now whether it is tangible enough (i.e reflected in price) or quick enough for some members of this forum is another matter, but just wanted to give this topic of marketing some context.

Would be interesting to see how Maidsafe’s other social media metrics improve month on month (Reddit, YouTube, new forum members etc) to really show demonstrate the progress and improvements are being made.

5 Likes for reddit.

Shows good, accelerating growth.