Social Media Apps For Safe Network


I’m fairly new to the Maidsafe network and I was wondering if there are any existing social media opportunities on the network. and I also have another question more so a discussion topic which is very interesting and important.

In the situation that Safe network does what it wants to do and replaces the internet, would large companies such as Facebook, Youtube, Google start utilizing Safe network or would new companies be created to replace them by Safe network users before they even jump on the wagon?

Please be clear in your answers and try to communicate it in a way that everyone who is reading understands what you mean!


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What do you think will happen?

I think the safe network will spawn entirely new social communities. I have used i2p and tor for sometime. I suspect many communities will form built upon safe. Some bad, some amazing.


especially because it’s much easier, cheaper and faster to create new ones on a network like SAFE than today’s internet. Anyone can do it, for almost free. Don’t have to have big companies to do it, because you don’t need to buy huge data centers anymore. Anyone can compete. Best coder wins!


I think the big companies will wait out and see which decentralized network is the biggest and which one get’s recognized by governments, wall street etc. Then when they are sure of what systems are better than the others they will possibly choose 2-3 different networks to work with and social medias and media websites will all be available on the Safe network and competitors. This might take 10 years or more. By this time there will already be existing social and media sites made by Safe network users and those companies will have a choice to stay and compete or sell out.

This is one possible way it will go. Some big companies might start providing services in the decentralized internet earlier. It’s is free after all. It would make sense for them because it’s another funnel for users and they would make maidsafe coin while providing such services with ultimate security and privacy for both user and provider.

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I think the central banks and social networks that do not value privacy on the old internet are doomed.

Specifically, the banks will start to fade thanks to modern cryptocurrencies like monero. Crypto is making them more and more irrelevant.

In my opinion the new dominant social networks will find a way to reward users by monetizing content. The steemit model built on ethereum comes to mind. I’m curious if such a social network could be built on top of the SAFE network.


That’s actually an interesting theory. imagine a Twitter where top content gets paid in crypto.


The content itself would add to the value of the “coin”.

Imagine, you are paid in coin for donating diskspace to the network. You are paid in coin for donating cpu to the network. You are paid in coin for donating bandwidth to the network. You are paid in coin when you post content to the network.

Would you really even look back at the old internet model?


As per my knowledge the Project Decorum is doing something same. They are trying to develop a whole new social site for safenetwork which would be a mix up of current FB and reddit except all the tracking. Please correct me if I am wrong @Seneca


More interesting than a site. The web-of-trust enables decentralised social organisation (I think/hope), so Decorum is more of a protocol that other apps would use than just an app in its own right. There are a few layers to that onion though.

PtD (pay the developer) and PtP (pay the producer) discussions might be of interest to @Nyrosis and @beSAFEboi - you should have a forum search and keep reading. :grin: The Network can reward popular apps and (possibly) content without the need to build in monetisation.


@sanju @Jabba thanks for the suggestion🤔, I’ll look into it later this evening. That project sounds facinating.

I think it is critical to remember what derives value. A secure means of trade has value. A secure means of information sharing has value. Though, a means to prevent words from vanishing or being modified is perhaps more valuable than anything ever conceived.:wink:

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Agreed. The Free, uncensored sharing of information is the most powerful thing on Earth. History is written by the conqueror. This means, history has always been revised since the begining of time by the bigest bully on the block once called King.

SAFE will offer, for the first time, the possibility of an uncensored history. Thus, if we want to know how to live in the future we must first look into our past. History holds all the lessons. But how much of it is actually true?

When safe goes live the truth cannot be stopped. The information bubbles giant corporations like YouTube are ramming down our throats are about to pop!


Steemit has it’s own blockchain. The Ethereum based social network is Akasha

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Why should they do that? They make money by selling user data to advertisers, that’s not possible on SAFEnet. But i think that the creators (like video makers on YT) will move to SAFE if there is a way for them to make money (safecoin micro transactions) and/or a better infrastructure (slow YT servers, censorship, better UI (i hate YTs comments UI), …).


My apologies I had akasha on my mind. Have been using several similar technologies lately.

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Thanks @Jabba, will check the PtP stuff out


Synereo created where content creators can directly be paid in cryptocurrency (AMP). Not only do the content creators get paid, but people who share the video also get a portion of it for promoting it.

Right now, it functions for YouTube only but other platforms will be added going forward soon.


There’s safe://simple-forum which works a lot like this forum. What kind of social network would you want to see on MAID safe? Something reddit like, something 4-chan like something facebook like something twitter like something google+ like something steemit like…What kind of social media would you install the safe browser just to use?


To augment @drehb’s point - the Steem network has gone nuclear fleshing out this space: replaces youtube; steepshot replaces instagram; replaces twitch; d.sound replaces soundcloud; replaces github…there are a few more, but they are on their way to doing just that.