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The New Right and Anarcho-capitalism.

This is Chapter 36 of “Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism” by Peter Marshall.

not an endorsement

I just read the first paragraph or so and to my mind it’s either socialist propaganda or ignorant folly.

"Anarcho-capitalists share Adam Smith’s confidence that somehow private interest will translate itself into public good rather than public squalor. "

There is no “somehow” … from Adam Smith onward through dozens of both mainline and Austrian school economists, it’s quite clear HOW and anyone who’s studied economics will know this.

Further, we can gain confidence that this is true as the last two hundred years have seen increasing freedom of markets and people and during that time - as power has been decentralized (a move toward individualism/anarchy), we’ve produced an abundance of wealth like never before in history.

This occurred via entrepreneurship and risk taking on a mass scale that cannot ever take place under a centralized system of power.

What we have today in government is fascism through and through. The politicians and their lacky economists and banksters realized the failing of communism as it couldn’t determine prices … so the step back from that is fascism - economically further to the right, but still giving them firm control.

The US became the powerhouse it did starting back in the 1800’s due to very low regulation and very low taxes … this created mass wealth - growing the middle class to a level beyond anything in history - this was when the US was closest to being an AnCap nation.

But it still had a central government … and as happens when such a government exists, the oligarchy grow envious of the entrepreneurs who are entre-preying on their wealth and status by coming up with better ways to making things and better things to make … so these oligarchs lobby government to enact regulations that make market entry difficult.

Add to that the banksters from the old world who, through counterfeiting has learned to control the success and creativity of the masses by stripping them constantly of the wealth they create, stepped in and created a central bank to do the same in the US … President Andrew Jackson shut that down for 80 years, but in 1913, the banksters tried again and created the Federal Reserve Bank of the US. Since then we’ve had endless wars (wherein the people are forced to repay loans of both winner and loser). And if they don’t pay it back? … no worries, we’ll just have periods of hyperinflation to mass steal it all back from them … did I mention that the “money” loaned was fake in the first place? It’s a big scam - all Statism is just a big scam.

If/when we get good anonymous money that is untrackable and untraceable, then the banks are completely screwed and governments will no longer be able to control the wealth of the people. I think Safe Network tokens could be that new money. Then society will decentralize naturally and this fascist world order can finally die.

AnCap for the win.

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Not clear at all, I think. See Chomsky’s (Chimpsky’s :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) quote about AnCap on Wikipedia

What? Just look at the media. There are now about five or six players. This is a major problem for freedom. Then look at retail and small business. Now there is Amazon. The list goes on.

In fact, I would say its those large centers of private power that have made the government onerous

Agree there

There were also high tariffs on imported goods to protect local markets, like China has done

Yes I agree the banskters and the fed have drained a lot of wealth from people

I hope that’s true. But you still need the government to do other things like provide courts of law, infrastructure projects, safety regulation, big science, and others.

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Then study economics. Take a few courses … I don’t blame you for not getting it, it’s not intuitive, you will have to actually dig in and study otherwise, like any other science you will not be able to see the forest for the trees.

I won’t bother I think. I loved his and Edward Herman’s book “Manufacturing Consent” … and I love Chomsky’s words on free speech. His work in linguistics changed how we think about language … but he simply hasn’t really studied economics. It would be nice if he’d study it (although, probably too late now as he’s in his 90’s?)… but like most people I think he has assumed he understands it, so he doesn’t bother.

Yes, but it didn’t start out that way … as I explained, we have moved toward centralization strongly in the 1900’s since the central bank took control in the US. I think I wsa very clear about this - the wealth of the middle class - the very creation of the middle class happened in the 1800’s and maintained for half of the 1900’s, but since the US central bank, the State and the oligarch’s behind it are now firmly in control and have been stripping that power away. I thought I was clear on this in my previous post.

Courts of law have always existed in most English speaking western countries. Under small local government, the locals just elect their judges and they use “common law”.

Infrastructure has been and can be organized locally as required though bond issues.

Safety regulation is subjective and best dealt with at a local level. It’s not that you and I would necessarily disagree with how something is dangerous, but deciding on a solution (IMO) should not be a one-sized fits all approach as we have with centralized governments.

Big science? No we don’t need that through government. In a wealthy society there is plenty of funding for big science as well as charity. What we have now with the State is a pretender on the throne - one who seeks to appear benevolent and good, so they throw money they didn’t earn and hence don’t value at things they also have no passion for … the result is mass waste.

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Yeah, sure. In America, be sure to check out the devastating “local” policies of governors DeSantis and Abbott.

It is disingenuous to think each locality, or even each state, could provide its own Center for Disease Control, for example, and keep it operating at a high scientific level. Food and Drug Administration also.

I need to take some of these things one at a time because I’m kinda old and slow.

How private interest translates itself into public good. I should take courses and study this…well.

I don’t need to take a course to see how some private interests have translated into public nightmares.

Like for example how the Rockefellers interest in medicines translated into the pharma nightmare we’re living in.

Or how their private interest resulted in the tearing up of the interurban system in favor of cars at the turn of the twentieth century.

Or how the private interests invested in Google, Facebook, etc. have corrupted the web.

Or how the privately owned so called defense contractors have involved us in endless wars.

Should I go on?

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