So I'm working on a script that autocompiles from the source code without asking the Maidsafe team if they would pretty please release an aarch64 binaries of their sn_cli, auth and node

Okay so in short musl works for multiple distros.
That’s quite neat.

it may only work on the particular distribution you use

Is that

  • Ubuntu 20.04 vs Ubuntu 20.10
  • Ubuntu vs Xubuntu
  • Ubuntu vs. Linux-Mint / Debian
  • Ubuntu vs. Arch Linux / Fedora / SUSE / Gentoo / Slackware

or some other category?

Yes all of those can/may use different GLIBC, it’s best to just use MUSL and avoid the whole mess.


Comparison of dietlibc, uclibc, musl, and glibc, by the author of musl: Comparison of C/POSIX standard library implementations for Linux