So I'm working on a script that autocompiles from the source code without asking the Maidsafe team if they would pretty please release an aarch64 binaries of their sn_cli, auth and node

I forgot to ask this first:

“Can you guys at team Maidsafe not release aarch64 versions of sn_cli/node/launch_tool
or are you too busy / does it cost too much time?”

I’m actually thinking of instead having the script install the compiled source code, just send it back to a safenetwork-community sn_cli/node/launch_tool somehow.
Or maybe have it upload to Storj DCS until the safenetwork itself is online.


You’re welcome to raise a PR to the sn_api and sn_node repos. These are the build and release workflows in sn_node and sn_api

I imagine it should be straightforward to add one more target. You are welcome to give it a try :slight_smile:
We will assist you in any way possible!


I’m not even familiar with workflows, so I’ll have to look into that first.

But I take it it’s

  1. fork sn_node/api
  2. Add something like this
--      os: [unbuntu-latest]
++      os: [ubuntu-latest, ubuntu-arm64]
          - os: ubuntu-latest
            build-script: make musl
            target: x86_64-unknown-linux-musl
++        - os: ubuntu-arm64
++          build-script: make musl
++          target: arm64-unknown-linux-musl
++          arch: arm64
  1. Run/test workflow
  2. Merge request?

Sorry I missed this earlier. I just took a look at this and it needs a little bit more than this including the relevant scripts to upload to GH and S3. The workflow is mostly bash commands that run one after the other. A good way to find out everything that needs to be added it to take a look at a release workflow for ubuntu this is a good example and add the relevant steps to be run for aarch64 binaries as well. We’ll need to make sure that the new target is included in these steps as well to ensure that the release is uploaded correctly.