SNT negative interest rate economics

I had an idea while I saw that 95% of bitcoin is in top 2% holders.

should we have negative interest rate when someone is hodling?

so if someone got 1000snt 1% lets say negative rate he looses 10 snt per year

where if someone has 1 000 000 snt he looses 10 000snt per year?

could help with holder inequality so few percent dont own all snt

Personally I’d like my snt to be able to appreciate in value if the market deems it worthy.
This would discourage holding, and I see no real benefit to it.

If we do end up releasing all snt at launch, are all of us long time supporters supposed to cash out so we don’t get this tax your proposing?
It would be a bloodbath with everyone trying to sell and not enough buyers.


with your message I get that this way also there is going to be easier to buy snt to upload data!

thats not bad, cause that way anyone wanna upload will get snt and in good price!

the SNT will be just as easy to buy, the only difference is that the price, with the model that you propose, will remain indefinitely low since it will discourage keeping them


isnt it good to have low price per put?

I dont see safe network as a way to make people rich but rather for a way to store our data. Low price SNT would push people to upload data.

but what problem do you see in a high price for SNT? it is the same to pay 1$ to SNT=1$ to upload a file, to pay 1$ to SNT=1000$ to upload a file
you always pay the same in dollars

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Where would these taxed coins even go?
How do you suppose they will end up for sale on an exchange?

Also, price of snt is not linked to upload cost, upload cost is determined by free space available on the netwotk.

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maybe farming rewards? and if the price of SNT is low then big players do not have a incentive to farm with large server farms where the average joe would farm so he can upload for free his files.

are you a troll?


So you want to tax those who’ve put value in to buy snt, by taxing them to give extra rewards.

If I thought it would help the network be better I’d think about it, but I don’t see that, I just see something that will hold ppl back from speculating on snt.


Your proposing giving more snt for farming, surely that will encourage farming not stifle it.

no I am not.

you want to get rich by safe network? do you want the network to have expensive put price?

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In basis of big whales controling most SNT I see a pro in taxing 1% a year so they are incentivized to not hodl.

yeah but because of the “tax” there would be incentive to get rid of the snt or use it to upload

I don’t see logic in what you say, I don’t understand what benefits a low price of SNT, you can buy 1 SNT for 1 dollar and in the future it could be that you buy 0.01 SNT for 1 dollar…. How would this harm the network?

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A higher snt price will encourage ppl ( big or small ) to add resources.
If we design it to purposely stay low, who will bother, ppl will just farm other more profitable things.

We would imo end up a tiny niche network, and not get the traction I am hoping we will.


guys, low $ per put isnt a good incetive for people to upload data? = more data = less space available + more rewards cause of the tax = more people would want to be a node = big server farms have less incentive to hodl snt = people farm as much as they need to upload data

but that in dollars you will pay the same! hahahaha

i dont get you guys

can you explain?

search for negative interest rates in Europe and Japan its a big thing

It’s also quite hard to penalise large data centres, they can just spin up another vm and assign it a new ip.

but if they dont sell or use their snt they are gonna get taxed every year and be put back into the network.

I dont think they would want to hodl snt especially if the price will be kept low, they would hodl for no reason

the price for uploading files will be based on the lack or excess of resources, the price of SNT by the markets according to supply and demand, if the price in dollars goes up instead of paying 1 SNT for uploading data you would pay 0.1 SNT (for example)