Snowden movie release, Dyn DDoS attack, why is MaidSafeCoin not worth $10 yet?

This is of course a rhetorical question, but these are two recent events that should help the people turn to MaidSafe:

  • The movie Snowden is out and shows with a true story how unsecure is our personal digital data.
  • On Friday 21st of October 2016 a massive DDoS attack on Dyn DNS knocked out some of the highest-level domains such as Twitter and Amazon.

If these two events did not push MaidSafeCoin to $10 (yet), these surely are free advertisements for the MaidSafe project. If the subject of internet security is brought to the general attention in the near future again, as I believe it will, it won’t be long before the masses as well as the Gafa start looking for a more reliable network. What can be done so they all look in the right direction?

What do you think?


I think maidsafe is not ready to grow yet untill everything is launched.

People are still sketptic if its working etc. First maid need to prove itself in the
wild west before bigger investors, users and crypto lovers will join fully.

Thats my guess atleast.

Also lately a lot of competition is popping up. So i think there is also a invisible deadline to get the “first one” name like bitcoin got.

Why would these events drive the price of a yet-to-be released product?

I agree these are significant events but in the grand scheme of things the impact is low. Snowden was the imeptus for change, and much change came about. Did the fact we couldnt access Twitter or Amazon for a few hours change anyones life?

Well yes actually it did.
I was talking to a friend today at lunch who runs a website dedicated to buzz videos and cute photos that makes for him a good “second salary”, all based on advertising. He experienced last Friday’s event in realtime as his website started to push him alerts of low activity and non responding advertisement which in the end made him lose some money. Not enough to be bankrupt of course but it did hurt him.

Yes, I agree that to attract attention MaidSafe needs at least to be launched.
I am interested to see some examples of the competition you mention.