Snail project Maid


wathcing how other projects grow and develop , i cannot compare the maidsafe approach to grow as a company to nothing else than to a snail. Please criticise me or back me up, thats my opinion.

Have you ever worked in scientific research? This is quick compared with that!

Edit: My point being that in many ways this is similar - working with a great many unknowns rather than mostly piggy-backing off other projects


Before you can compare two projects I suggest you look at what they are trying to achieve. For example, can you name any team other than maidsafe which is:

  • trying to build the world’s first truly autonomous network
  • has already solved key problems such as how do you log into a network which has no servers?

Unless you can use a comparable project, saying this looks like a snail next to something that’s trying to do something else isn’t valid.