Hey friends,

a quick question: will SMR hard drives work with the SAFE network? Storj seem to have a problem with them and I wonder if we will have the same problems: Storj SMR hdd problems


Well if one is not using a NAS then the drive may at times seem slow and the OS will have increased queue lengths.

The issue mainly seems to be with NAS where error detection is tweaked to look at performance issues based on CMR performance from decent drives. eg CMR NAS drives. When the SMR drives are used then it seems some NAS devices get upset at the longer than usual write times.

But if the drive is on a PC then the OS is much more tolerant of long wait times and simply use its internal disk buffers to compensate. Since SAFE is looking for home PCs using spare resources then SAFE should not have any such problems and may not even see a performance issue since PCs will use their disk buffers.

I reckon that from that article that SAFE on a home PC with a SMR drive will be fine.

If the user uses a NAS then the issue will likely show up with the NAS reporting performance issues or actual disk faults. But again SAFE is running on the PC so it will not see an issue unless the NAS fails. BUT again this will show up as a NAS issue and not SAFE having the issues


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