Small uptick in BTC exchange rate

Related to Is Ethereum in trouble? : the news has created a small uptick in the US$ denominated price of BTC.

The raise itself is insignificant, but I think it does demonstrate that Bitcoin, being a self-bootstrapped entity, doesn’t have “finances” to worry about.

This may (I’m not making predictions, but unlike before, now I dare to make a semi-educated guess) mean that a bottom is behind us (c $195, if I remember correctly?) and with the inevitable raise in the maximum block size and various other privacy and speed-of-transactions improvements, etc. coming next year, bitcoin is not a very risky buy right now.

Also, I am not saying Ethereum is going to die. I am saying I think the price of bitcoin won’t keep sliding.

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I think ETH should be a part of a portfolio.Maybe 5% of it.

It has some good potential to grow. I am buying small amounts :slight_smile: