Small business apps... autonomy

Lots of small businesses want apps, a few friends have small businesses and want apps… The biggest barrier to offering to build and app is the maintenance of the server environment and data… keeping the server alive etc…

As soon as SAFENet launches, I’ll be making small businesses apps, booking, product showcase etc… But, on delivery the users will have full control on data.
Uptime will be guaranteed… and I’d only have to concentrate on app design updates which are less critical that server down time and data back up.

Really awesome. Really.

Anyone want to book a cat sitter in Amsterdam?

Life is going to change in unimaginable ways.


I think making life easier for small businesses, websites and people wanting to sell stuff will be a really good potential of the SAFE network, and could help level out the playing field in terms of competing with big business and media conglomerates, or even eventually closing the gap between ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ countries. I can imagine a basic shop app with some basic smart contract capabilities that people could just plug in to their site would be particularly useful.