Slur on SAFE?

Now Slur and its proposed secure system of selling secrets for money on a mass scale looks to be ethically and morally wrong on its face and of course ends don’t justify means because means are ends in themselves. But the aim of Slur and its clever marketing (“you’re gonna hate this”) seems to be to kick things off initially by having psychopathy undermine psychopathy. It weakens systems built by psychopaths to make life easier for themselves and other psychopaths. Those who behave in psychopathic ways are basically sold the rope that they end up being hung by. It is using money to undermine the power of money or turn down the volume on its political voice in a kind of money based bootstrapping process.

Transparency is the way we as a society take responsibility for watching the watchers and making sure those who seek to erode our privacy and use it against us are not able to do so. True organizational transparency is potentially the end to the dirty hand and the end of endless blackmail and even a means to more honest elections. The only way to preserve useful voluntary personal privacy may well be to end organizational secrecy outright and thereby end the tyrannical rule of money. It offers the possibility of ending patronage and the pervasive censorship that is sponsorship. If we are not aware of a problem how are we supposed to do anything about it and if we don’t who will?

Thanks to @jreighley for pointing out the existence of this justifiably terrifying effort. Should it be on SAFE. Will it be? Selling secrets is wrong, no question but that market would apparently lose its luster after a time and the anonymous restored voices of people coming forward to address gross injustice would presumably take over after a time. Note that if SAFE is “Secure Access for Everyone” the last ditch effort of corruption to criminalize the point of end user access would be denied- and they presently attempt this under idiotic data trespass laws- even just stumbling upon forbidden data under the privacy and information act is an offense- such is the length idiocy has gone to conflate the liberty of privacy with the tyranny of organizational secrecy.

We can have an internet that unlocks the promise of human potential or one that stunts it by being subverted to the task of keeping in place power in power. There is no middle ground.

Well they were right…I hate it. This is probably the most ridiculous idea I have heard for a while. A marketplace for paparazzi type scum and blackmailers…absolutely crap concept and I really can’t see any collaborations with Maidsafe on the horizon. This is antithetical to the whole idea of safety, security and privacy and nothing whatsoever I’m sure to do with the topic of Maidsafe Strategy.
Do you not recognise the hypocrisy of railing against “rule by money”, when information = power and you are selling information to the highest bidder? The people with the money buy the power…madness


Such things will be on SAFE. They don’t need anyone’s permission, and our debate is irrelevant.


true…and off topic

The developers of Slur suggest their aim is to use disruptive tech to help balance the outcomes of class war. But they seem to think it can be done with bitcoin. It may be they end up doing it on both systems.

“An internet” is morally neutral. It will be used for good, it will be used for evil. There is no stopping it now, and there will be even less stopping it with MaidSAFE.

The advantage of MaidSafe is that it’s architecture is built to make hacking very hard- and to make privacy very good. Those features will be used for good and they will be used for evil.

Warren seems to think it is a tool to social engineer a new world order where all is right and evil is vanquished. I don’t see it that way. The old system is broken, not so much politically, but technically. Security is nearly impossible. Financial information is leaking all over the place… A new system needs to come and it is coming. But it is coming as a technical platform, not a social utopia.


@jreighley “The best way to secure more funding for anti terrorism is successful acts of terrorism” Rock Star by way of their fictional character Steve Hanes in GTA V.

Yes, I’ve mentioned personally about building this thing on safe network, though response was that the safe network is not built and mature enough… Either way it will be open source and easy to adapt its an exchange… Just for a specific type of item

Using SAFE X will make a smart contract for a secret super easy to deal with,

Seems to me that unless you can tie self authentication, encryption, cryptocurrencies, or xor routing into that rant, it is just political gibberish that has little at all to do with MaidSAFE.

It doesn’t really matter what you me or anybody else wants. Unless the technology is relevant it is all just Utopian gibberish. MaidSAFE ain’t going to do anything to alter the feild trip waivers. Sorry dude – You are just WAY off topic.


You’re right, edited it down it to a single sentence. The whole thing is about trying to control us by controlling what we think. Its thought police and this would stop that, and if it couldn’t what could?.

Here’s the github for slur - some new implementations of stuff - still checking it out


Yes, in the aps section!

Is it ever needed: Indian Government asks ISPs to sensor Git Hub and 30 other sites


Imagine if governments were to use Slur to get dirt on everyone and then anonymously blackmail everyone.

That is what PRISM is for. That seems like the kind of stuff that happened after 911 and led to the death of Paul Wellstone. Now we have secret laws and defacto martial law. Right now we have the CIA spying on Senators and screwing with their office computers. Its “Enemy of the State” type of stuff. All to ‘protect’ us. 50000 gag orders issued right after 911 most apparently leveled at Federal employees- a lot of these were probably national security letter preemptive gags. Its burn the Reichstag type stuff and a formula that’s been followed over and over again throughout history. In the future these letters and other similar tactics (including secret laws) will be illegal and impractical as they will be unenforceable thanks to efforts like Slur and SAFE.

At this point the burden of proof is on the US government, it is a state of course, which is a bar to this type of credibility to begin with, but how credible does it seem post PRISM? They need to spy on us to keep us safe. Who keeps us safe from them and their constant supervision? Is it not mass scale harassment?

They already blackmail everyone. They demand payment of taxes or you go to jail.

They can just make whatever they don’t like illegal and fine anyone who enacts them. There is no need for them to creep about - they have supreme authority anyway.

Yeah but those ways are not deniable. If it’s something like then governments would be able to say they aren’t behind the hack or extortion. Random criminals would do it to people governments don’t like if governments team up with organized crime.

Psychopaths also make up maybe 1% of the population?

That is millions of people who have absolutely no ethics who would be empowered by something like Slur. Maybe typical people would have a problem with exploiting information in perfunctory fashion but psychopaths would do it for fun even if it didn’t pay any money.

This is some exotic multivariate cryptography. I have some knowledge on cryptography and cannot make sense of what the source code is trying to do yet. It looks like a bunch of comments with strange looking spaghetti code?

------------------------- Update---------------------

I dug deeper. They do have some code for timers and other stuff. It very well could be that they are planning to do something using multivariate cryptography.

Multivariate cryptography is particularly strong because of it’s resistance to quantum computing and it’s also exotic because it’s not what most people would use.

Since the code is sort of out there maybe it can be studied but from the looks of it they are terrible programmers writing hard to read spaghetti code but may be good cryptographers. The code looks like it’s being hacked together with not very good readability or commenting.

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It seems they are using a matrix based encryption. I don’t know enough about this to say how well it would work but there is literature on it and because it’s NP-Hard it’s likely to work.

My guess is they chose this particular scheme because it can resist quantum computers that may come in the future. Specifically it looks like they were concerned about Shor’s algorithm.

So whomever is behind is good at cryptography.

While I don’t agree with building something like Slur because I know it will be weaponized I also recognize that it was inevitable that someone would build something like it. It’s similar to how someone had to build the first 3d printed gun.


If we want privacy we have to get rid of organizational secrecy. This will also get rid of most corporate power, because among other things they run on shame and blackmail its almost their blood supply. No more backroom power, its above board or it doesnt get done. Also no more pretending and having to ignore what is out in the open.