Skycoin-decentralised internet

Maybe someone know about skycoin project? They also trying to built decentralised internet from 2012…

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Let me point you to this post.

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They are thinking that maidsafe will be live after 18 years lol

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This was a great read, thanks. Taken that this AMA is 9 months old, I would love to hear DEV’s comments on the assumptions and speed of progress, it may give it a nice frame.


Maidsafe has been working on the redesign of the net for about ten years, what are you doing the same and what different?

Maidsafe is in version 2 or 3. Maidsafe will not have a real coin until version 9. Each version takes them > about two or three years. Maidsafe will not be “done” or ready for atleast 18 years at this rate.

Skycoin has been in development for ~6 years and the meshnet for 4 years and it will be finished in a few months. To the poin that people can start using it.

Skycoin is similar to maidsafe in the objective, but has a different approach and architecture and primitives. We did not try to do everything, but focused on a smaller, tractable core and got that done.

There will be multiple projects in this space, but few teams are able to plan on the time horizon necisary for building a new internet or able to design each of the components of a system this large, or figure out how to do it so that it is useful at each stage of construction of a project that may take a decade. (edited)


The Maidsafe and Skycoin project have similar and compatible goals, and they may be able to support each other.
Skycoin is much further along in development, and has a working blockchain and consensus system that do not require transaction fees.

And Maidsafe has excellent marketing and a cool user interface.

What are Maidsafe’s plans in the future for interacting with the Skywire(decentralized ISP), infrastructure?

Don’t these directly contradict each other? :0


He/she skipped the introduction topic :wink:


The project seems interesting but i wonder how they can achieve the same Maidsafe project’s goals since they started working on it in 2012

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It seems that they hard worked on HW and setting network and not that much on SW as Maidsafe dev. But anyway with similar goal it is still different project and Safe net should work even in Skycoin network.

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How could a blockchain based project and maidsafe work together since maidsafe doesn’t use a blockchain? Doesn’t that make the two projects incompatible? That being said Skycoin might work with Maidsafe or one of the app developers to create a decentralized exchange. Last I checked the last two apps that attempted such a project ended up going bust. Might be something the maidsafe devs have to work on directly.


Are you sure is not the contrary, so Skycoin network can work in the Safenetwork? Cause i think Safe is a giant and indipendent infrastructure that is built to host other projects or apps

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:joy: fishing for eyes on your project. Fairplay we should probably do the same.


It looks like skycoin project is trying to create decentralised network like safenetwork

IntesneCoin is similar project it is decentralized VPN

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Sky Coin looks very unstabile on market

Ahem, looks like I will necro-bump this thread once again.

Just wanted to share that Skycoin has released the developer mainnet of their Skywire product two days ago and invites enthusiasts to jump on and play around:

I am really excited about what this projects brings in the future, as they have similar goals (decentralized & ISP-free internet with DAPPs and a built-in currency, data storage etc.) but a slightly different approach (they are developing and building their own auto-positioning antennas, that will interconnect the nodes and provide their very own blockchain-based meshnet).

Anyone else following the project? Opinions, concerns? Thanks!

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