Sirius Disclosure on SAFE

I hope SAFE becomes a platform to finally get out freeing over unity and gravitics tech.

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Just wondering how long it will be until the USA announces that Putin has invited the aliens and it’s all his fault. :joy:

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Where are the details of the “over unity and gravitics tech”? Plans or a description of their principles sufficient for an engineer to make something of them?

And where is the objectively verifiable evidence of alien visitation? Not someone’s claims (people can say anything) but something that can be cross-checked independently?

He was working for Lockheed. Not some kid in a room somewhere making things up. But still I don’t believe this stuff to be true. Although quite bizar if it was to say the least.

It doesn’t matter what his position is. As I noted, people can say anything. His claims are not verifiable. The assumption that someone with a position with a big company, or a former (or “former”) government employee, or even a doctor (wowee!), would not be lying is simply unjustified.

There is always a strange absence of ways for you to cross-check anything these people say.

The claims of exotic technology are never accompanied by any simple verification one might make of the supposedly new scientific principles involved. For example, if someone told me that something called an electric motor was possible, and gave a bit of a description of how it works, I might at least redo the experiments of Faraday (high school physics) and see that yes indeed the wire carrying a current moves at right angles to a magnetic field. But with all these UFO revealers and shills? Absolutely nothing that can ever be checked.

EDIT: On a related note, and if you want a real laugh, do a search on “Project Pegasus”.

My (conspiracist!) view is that we are subjected to this tsunami of bullshit in order to mask the very real government conspiracies, so that ordinary people just filter out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. So if you ask questions about 9/11, say, some people will smirk and respond that you must believe in UFOs. The 9/11 truth movement itself seems to have been invaded by such attempts, like the claim that there were no planes at all.

What to do about all this, instead of just shutting off? Use the “six honest serving men”: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

You clearly didn’t watch the film. You’re aware of 8000 plus suppressed patents? You accept there is some knowedge just too dangerious for the public to have that is better off in the hands of secret government? Your assumption seems to be that a lot of the people involved now are just dreamers or fuzzy thinkers. Paypal cofounder Peter Theil was commenting that there is no high tech industry and there have been no breakthroughs in 60 years. With better dissemination platforms like SAFE I think we could see that change. Also with Q learning. I thought it was hilarious that during the melt down Locheed Martin suddenly anounced it had hot fusion perfected and it would fit on a bus and did 2 page color spreads about it in magazines like Forbes. And when the status quo returned they didn’t want to talk about it anymore. And look at DWAVE its run by a former DARPA guy. At this point its clear our tech is currated. They don’t just do proliferation arguments on nuclear tech they run that logic on everything because its all about control with safety as an excuse.

And theory won’t work either its replicability. The only advantage I can see to shills at this point is an actually happless gov can claim it knows kung fu or some nonsense.

I saw the film a few years ago.

Give a link to such a patent*, of something that might be built in a home workshop, and I’ll give it my serious attention.


  • of allegedly extraterrestrial origin.

None will ever be of allegged ET origin- nothing original in such a claim. Its sad we have to use solar cells and batteries to break this stuff. There was an electronics maker in this film or another more associatef with Greer saying they built an over unity device and are slipping a very low power varient into CE electronics circuits as something more efficient to get widespread familiarity. But ET or not its just a general tech suppression thesis.

It seems compelling to point out we are using propulsion and energy tech from the 40’s or even 1800s. Also, if testomonials count for anything its coming from people like Edgar Mitchell now. Mitchell I think may have had a NDE and he founded IONs and Noetic sciences based on that but as a astronaut/physcist over his life never experienced any ET stuff but was (per Mitchell) approached by government employees from the Roswell site who were quite aged and fearful but wanting to confide for posterity in someone and wanting answers- his trying to investigate their claims brought about his own sense that there was substance to the matter.

Also the comments made by the late Ben Rich- he surely has a conflict of interest in his need for talent but his comments are over the top.

If you take a digital physics perspective I think we can see Q computers and new propulsion/energy tech as simply running on the metal or at least a layer closer. Imagine you’re sleeping but inadvertantly turning up the heat dial on you electric blanket- you could wake yourself up. Its level editor stuff.

Well, how about an allegedly suppressed patent of anything vaguely super-duper such as the alleged over-unity or gravitics? Never mind if it is traceable to ETs. Anything?

As I understand it there are at least 8000 acknowledged confiscated or barred or gagged patents or applicaitons but you can’t even learn what they were. Imagine working hard to manifest or materialize or just plain invent something (if it works that way) and then having the Feds say sorry that can’t see the light of day ever and even possibly gagging you. Imagine David Irvine in the US and the Feds feeling threatened and then saying sorry screw you but you can’t talk about that anymore on point of prison and we need to confiscate all your stuff. 8000 times this has happened at least. And what because of some total BS about national security which is always circular nonsensical and democracy killing. 8000 of these amount to antithesis of national security- if there is such a thing. Just think of the arrogance of it- sorry if you do that it won’t be practical for us to spy on you anymore.

Worse than this are the bunches of unacknowledged special access programs that such money out of budgets under cover of secrecy- you can’t talk about us stealing money from your budget- if you do you will be disappeared and this even though we ourselves and our projects are totally illegal and unaccountable. What Greer is saying is these people threaten governments and Presidents and anyone who gets in their way. Also only people that can be trusted to be unethical are allowed to know of these regardless of their station in life. Stuff is way beyond any simple conspiracy, its a full on law of the jungle shadow government, but its tyrranical.

There is a good piece of recent fiction if you have time by author Daniel Suarez called Influx. I’ve been through that book more than once and I think it was just Daniel grappling or venting on the implications. Its got some really neat stuff on AI and a very neat twist on the control problem. They want Super AI (which they have) but they wan’t it without will or ethics. Most of all its got the insidious Bureau of Technology Control or BTC. The BTC is interested in particular in an application of gravitics although its long had levitation. What a shock. For Suarez its always just fiction but you get the sense that something was really bugging him as he was writing the book. For someone that loves tech the BTC in actuality would be a huge downer.

Let’s stick to specifics that can be verified. And I note the drift from the discussion of supposed ET visitation.

I would like a response to my earlier request:

Give a link to such a patent*, of something that might be built in a home workshop, and I’ll give it my serious attention.

If we’re gonna dive into conspiracy theory, I’d recommend reading this about people like Greer/Alex Jones/etc:

I took a look at that site and the omissions and emphasis were apparent after about one minute.

I recommend looking up a little-publicised book entitled The Last Days of the Romanovs by Robert Wilton, a British journalist in Russia at the time, and published in 1921, and which documents the ethnicity of the Bolsheviks. It should not be confused with another book with exactly the same title published only a few years ago.

Here is a summary of it:

TL:DR: Nearly all the Bolsheviks were Jewish, or married to Jews: party apparachiks, the cheka, and so on, in a country where they were a small minority. Make of that what you will, but it puts a lot of other events in a different perspective.

It could be like that. If you think Russian Jews think Leonard Nimoy and Ayn Rand. But think of Kennedy’s speech right before he died where he practically described SPECTER out of a Bond film warning us it was real. Think of Eisenhower’s final speech.

As for these patents or blocked applications I’d be stunned if you could ever get more than a number with a any further inquiry blocked saying it was classified. But you see a blocked patent is just a bar to making money, you could still open source it but then I think you get illegal device claims or injunction saying the device is unsafe or can’t be sold. You might have to give the stuff away but then its probably gag orders and idiotic national security letters.

So I’m still waiting for a response to my request.

And you’re not going to get one because its an illogical request. There is acknowledgement that this has happened- very likely no way to silence all those inventors on the subject of being gagged but when your invention gets classified and taken away you don’t get around that with a FOIA or any ordinary means.

You have the burden of proof since you’re the one making the claim that ETs are visiting and imparting technology that is then locked up.

It is illogical to try to argue the reverse: That the fact that the government locks up some patents is proof that the technology was ET in origin and that therefore there are ETs. Just to state it plainly like that reveals it as nonsense.

Oh wait, it gets worse: The government is in contact with ETs, receiving technology from them that gets leaked (by whom?) to private inventors who apply for patents that the government then suppresses. Or the government applies for patents and then suppresses its own patents. :slight_smile:

None of that. The ET isn’t the issue or necessarily the source of any actual tech- although it plausibly could have been the inspiration. The ET issue does present a threat to authority and orthodoxies but the actual core issue here is suppression of energy and propulsion tech and that is the claim. And of course push back from some experts who woud lose their apex status… There seems to be no question that something is wrong- people are working more and with decreasing liberty in the face of increasing levels of automation.

OK, ET is gone even though it is the main drawcard of Greer and company.

You keep shifting the goalposts.

How do you know there is “over-unity and gravitics” technology at all?

I don’t but we’ve seen some stuff with a gravitics flavor i.e. the Meissner effect surely macro quantum effect, not simply superconducting levitation we’re so used to seeing- jaw dropping hair raising in its full glory- makes it seem like space has a memory. The so-called Huntington effect. And more recently tech at a UK university that levitated fruit flys and Apricots. It relies on amperage, but it can bend light in a way to prgoduce a cloaking device, it could even produce a force field. Point it at the Earth and should be able to levitate. Also stuff like the Hendo Hoverboard. In the UK case the bending of light without a physical medium almost seems like bending space or gravitics. And we have to admit that all the dark matter and dark energy talk suggests something is up. Further the finding of the Higgs should I thought have given us a GUT or unification of the 4 forces or q gravity. We also revecently found the gravity waves. All of this is gravitic favored even if we don’t have a graviton etc. And if digital physics is true in any sense then gravitics and exotic propulsion seem like a given. This is all beyond mag lev trains. Also zero point sounds like settled physics now even if harnessing it isn’t, and so the over unity energy source seems to be everywhere.