Single Sign-On company Okta valued at $1.2 billion

The company Okta is trying to solve the identity problem.

Sounds familiar to how the safe network will work:

Here’s the way Okta works for most of its users: They start their workday, they log in once — yes, with a username and password, most of the time — and they’re done with logins. Okta takes them to a home screen (desktop or phone) which connects them with a single click or tap to all the applications their workplace makes available.

And is clearly attracting a lot of attention:

Okta has taken roughly $230 million in investment to date [since being founded in 2009], with its most recent round in 2015 pegged at a $1.2 billion valuation. Meanwhile, the company has grown to more than 800 employees, and integrates with 5,000 popular software services.

Some gems of marketing in there too:

Think of it as the new digital passport office, except the borders it enables crossing are made of code.

No, Okta is a centralized company (thirdparty when you login).

The SAFE Network has no thirdparty, your login is with the network directly.

Sick comedy, our club raised €218,365 at the moment.


Good clarification :slight_smile:

I was intending to highlight the apparently large demand for ‘one login to rule them all, but not to compromise them all’… which safe has implemented very nicely (and incomparably better by being decentralized).


This would be a fun solution if the code was opensourced and mobile OS’s are on the SAFE Network.

Companies should NEVER have users, biometrics.

This demonstrates how incredibly undervalued Maidsafe is and why the investment should flow into Bank to the Future. A ground breaking tech company with multiple innovations and a valuation of what… roughly 40m. it’s peanuts.


Hmm… sounds like oauth. One login, then authenticate using tokens. Much like you can do via Facebook and Google with this forum.

I am sure they must do lots more, but it doesn’t sound nearly as innovative as safe net.

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It is a perfect example of what a lot of folks with big pockets value…centralized control.

I’m not worried anymore because too many people across the world have seen what is possible with the SAFEnetwork. All of the fictitious valuations or investments of money made of unlimited cash out of thin air will not be enough to stop it. The people of the world will not go back to centralized control.

Made my first BNK of the Future investment yesterday with real money called bitcoin.


It’s always funny to hear about hundreds of millions going into these crazy server-based startups…

Ok maybe funny isn’t really the word… Maybe enormously depressing… :,(

Hope SAFE reaches it’s $2.5mil…
I’ll advertise in my FB :slight_smile:

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They should contact Peter Jones from Dragons Den. He invests in tech company’s. Also try and get on BBC click. Maidsafe need to step up the marketing side of things if they wont the investment.

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I think part of it is that the main crew is very humble–which is a great thing–but not when it comes to marketing / raising money sometimes, and a person who can go “LOOK AT THIS we have created something so much better faster cheaper safer than these billion dollar companies!!” and really jump around and get people excited about this investment that everyone’s missing out on could really help MaidSafe I think

Because MaidSafe can very comfortably back up all these amazing claims with their technical knowledge and explanations, but I think they really need that other side also, someone who can shout out the claims to people and communicate them with great enthusiasm. Once they find someone like that it would be a powerful team dynamic: spouting off / getting attention, and then backing up all those claims with deep technical knowledge


Totally agree. When it goes live I think they feel people will just jump to their new safe internet. But if knowone knows about it will stay small.

They need an Andreas Antonopoulos

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