Simple Instructions on how to actually use SafeNetwork?

  • I am a simple soul.
  • I do not understand the reams of stuff written about and explaining the SafeNetwork - and, quite frankly, I don’t want to bother trying to understand it. I just want to use it.
  • All I want is a simple point-form guide about how to use the SafeNetwork - no explanations, just simple, point-form, instructions to get me up-and-running.
  • Could this be privided and prominently displayed? I am fairly certain that there are others who would also appreciate this.
  • Thank you, Douglas. 2021.02.12

Let me ask you, why did you come here?

Second, the teaser videos are great. And you are asking exactly what a general person would ask… how can I make use of SafeNetwork??
New here too, but it seems by installing what they call the Safe Authenticator, it will gain you access. But then what?? not many real apps other than demos yet. Have not gotten momentum on app development yet.


I agree with what your saying, but the last testnet the Maidsafe devs pushed out was so easy to install, that it almost felt like a one click button.

At the moment you can try out a testnet, go here, Linux is the easiest setup imho.

The link above is your best option at the moment, to create testnet coin, register a domain name and upload files.

Apps will follow later when the network is up and running. This is still super early and the apps that your probably talking about are obsolete.


Just to make clear though, we are in the final stages of building the Safe Network, it’s not yet complete.

So while there are elements of it that can be tested, or code that can be poked about with, if you are used to doing that sort of thing, you’ll have to wait a little longer before it is launch and you can start using it.

But it is our aim that it will be straightforward and easy for anyone to get going with and use when the time comes. Stay tuned on the forum though, we’ll let you know!


You can’t use it directly, you need apps that use the SN as their backend. It’s pretty much the same with the Web, you need a web browser to access it or some other app that is using web standards like HTTP, HTML, etc. And those are intended to be used by developers, the same way the SN intended to be used by developers. As an user there is no need for you to understand the technology running your apps.

I’m saying: there will be apps, that are intended to be used by end users!

But those apps need to be built before you can access the SN, so even if the SN would go live today, you would still need to wait for the apps.

Thanks for your reply.

I am an angel investor through BTTF - on the idea.
Invested 8 bitcoin at the time so, has been a HORRIBLE investment considering the rise in bitcoin.

Thanks for your reply.
I will be patient - hopefully a final product will be successful.


Thanks for your reply.
I do look forward to the final product.

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Thanks for the reply.
I look forward to the final product and hope that it is user friendly - i.e. easy for
simple-mided people like me to use. Because, believe it not Einstein, most people
are simple-minded. Don’t laugh at them - they are what you will depend on for your success.


I’ve done the odd YouTube video on the how we are designing the interfaces to the Network which might give you a flavour for what two expect. You might like to let us know what you think? That would be useful!

Hope to be doing more of these videos in the near future!


Many of us feel your pain, but I think it will be worth it in the long run, for many reasons!


I believe MaidSafe continues to take steps that will increase the value of this project. Restructuring the team to align on the approach to / focus on development has been positive. This should hopefully provide us with meaningful releases this year (perhaps even beta).

I also think MaidSafe is more seriously taking other marketing concerns like the importance of exchange listings. No one likes to pay fees, but business is business. As liquidity grows so too will the potential gains in ROI. Hang in there!


Thank you. I do hope you are correct.
Actually, I invested because I know David Irvine and am impressed with his honesty.


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