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@moderators did I ever mention that I’m heartily sick of clearing the “your post is like” popup multiple times while writing a new topic? It pops up after a couple of words in the title, often again in the first couple of words in the topic, and I’ve never once found it helpful. Can we eliminate it, or find some way of reducing its over enthusiasm?


It is not useful to you because you are “local”. Its idea is to be useful for a new person in the forum… :wink:

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I get that, although I’m not sure if it helps them or not, but if it is perhaps it can be made only to apply to newcomers?

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I don’t see an option in the moderator admin menu to change this.
After some googling combined with a quick find … grep on the github source code (so I knew to google on ‘similar_topics’):

From here (if still uptodate): increasing min title similar length

Some other useful links if you do want to know more about the working of Discourse: (the opinion of co-founder Jeff Atwood seems relevant, like here).
Admin Quick Guide from github:

  1. Admins, who can do anything and configure anything on this site.
  2. Moderators, who can edit all posts and users, but cannot add categories or change any site settings.

If some functionality changes on this, maybe look at, containing the ‘release notes’ of the Discourse software.


Thanks for looking @draw, hopefully it can be tweaked or removed. Meanwhile probably best to move the posts on this to meta and leave this topic clean now. My fault!