Similar projects

Anyone see this one? Just posted today on /r/Bitcoin.

They’re describing it as a decentralized p2p youtube. Reddit keeps referencing MaidSafe.

Check out the Libswift engine P2P on TV, btw Tribler runs on Libswift engine


I just added i2p to the OP. Surpised it wasn’t here already as it sounds remarkably similar to SAFE!

Many projects seem to at first I think. They have links to explain differences with some projects
Note: "Compared to I2P, Freenet offers some substantial benefits - it is a distributed data store, while I2P is not, " This is emphasised a lot, there is attempts to add it into other products to do some of that though.

Possibly the largest difference.

My suggestion is to look for a network transport (as this is), plus data storage and manipulation. Then if we can add in a cross platform virtual file system it may help. Possibly looking at the libraries and their functionalities we have in SAFE and see if any of them cover other projects (like perhaps rUDP / i2c type comparisons perhaps, then freenet/public shares could be another, twister messaging verses SAFE mail may be another etc. so we can perhaps find parts of many projects that have some similarities, its very hard for me to find them though as a fully autonomous network you can log into (so private data and private shares etc.) seems to not exist and that is the SAFE foundation.


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They are working on it, but how it compares to SAFE data who knows without getting in deep:

There are other application development efforts going on as well, such as one to build an optimized swarming file transfer application (a la BitTorrent), a distributed data store (a la Freenet / MNet), and a blogging system (a fully distributed LiveJournal), but those are not ready for use yet.
~ from the i2p intro

My emphasis.

Having a distributed data store and torrent seem redundant.

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Interesting, Storj crowdsale is about to end and looks like raising ~900 bitcoin (or 9% of target). That’s about £275k / $460k at BTC=£305.

Wonder where the smart money went :wink:

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£275.000 or $460.000 you mean? :blush:

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Oops, yes :-). I wasn’t imagining such a low figure was possible. I wonder how that affects their plans. Will correct my post, thanks!

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A post about their 9800 BTC goal:

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Thanks, interesting read. Discourse says I’ve posted >22% of the replies to this thread - do I want to shut up and let others get a word in?

No! Wooohooo >22% :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t know, but torrent is a transport mechanism while distributed data store is like a virtual file system.
Without any redundancy whatsoever you could just use a VFS overlay with torrent for transport (you’d need another network channel for command and control), but then any single node going offline would bring the file system down.
So they need the both. Distributed data store is almost certainly replicated (or at least redundant).

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Cloudalloy can also be labeled as similar project, it gets fun @ 0:35 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes funny, we actually already have exactly that if folk want it. We did a toy product to show off encryption and cross platform drive called surefie :slight_smile: we should show it as part of the example projects perhaps @viv


Poor guys are gonna have to change their business model once they hear about maidsafe. :wink:
Enterprise version…hah.


Anyone know what Burstcoin is? Just saw it.

Indie Net

Launches November 2014

  • p2p infrastructure
  • user owned privacy oriented social network
  • indie phone

Sounds good, backed by Aral Balkan from Brighton, England.

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Check here for more info :;topicseen

In a nuthsell, it’s a PoW (Proof-of-Work) coin, based on NXT ( It basically uses HDD instead of traditional GPU’s/CPU’s/ASIC’s to mine coins. At the moment all that is stored in the space used up on your HDD, are plots, which don’t do anything really but take up space.

There are plans in the future for the plots to be used by other users in the network to store files, via a sidechain. So a user could upload a file to the network and it would be stored on the miner’s HDD. The concept is very to to Storj (, but a lot less user-friendly, but by the time that comes out Burst will be irrelevant as MaidSafe or Storj would’ve been released, of which both will perform far better than Burst.

Burst is an interesting concept, but nothing more than that, which is why I dumped it a while ago. Though, what has really made it stand out from other’s coins though has been the amount of developers it’s attracted in its community, of which most are responsible for its infrastructure (mining tools, block explorers, one-click installers, etc.)

I designed their logo & the UI for Burst’s Wallet, so yeah I know a bit about it :wink:

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I’m on a promise to email Aral when Testnet 2 launches. I don’t think their so far down the track, that they cant utilize SAFE as the platform for their projects.

Aral seems well respected with a lot of reach, so Indie would be good a good fit for ProjectSAFE

I wonder if there will be a kind of Testnet 2 on-boarding section in the docs to make it a no brainer for devs coming in to kick the tyres…or a single page sub-domain that wraps it all up, similar to the one that was used for might be useful for each stage of the testnets.


A mixture of everything, which is telling me it’s probably going to be good good at nothing, unless those features aren’t really theirs (that is, unless they’re building some sort of overlay to namecoin and other apps).