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Looks like it is only possible for admins. I’ll see if I find something about this in the settings.

You know I didn’t ask caguettaz but I think from the post it’s what was desired. Didn’t mean to jump the gun. You OK with this @caguettaz?

Yep sure, no problem!

Here are a few interviews of projects that might come close

Status: being released


I was thinking the same thing @russell.

My first reaction was that we should make a section in this forum on growth & marketing. Maybe @David could help out?

It would be a place for people to come up with interesting ideas for attracting users to the SAFE network. We could also have a system for funding the projects, but that should be a separate discussion…

Any Ideas?

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This is an AWESOME idea! Crowd funding some of these ideas to promote/expand MaidSafe would go a long way I think…

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How the hell do you get that tune out of your head…aaaaarrrghhhh

@Marin Agreed. Same way there are programmers working together to produce code, I don’t see why there can’t be people who are using their marketing and production skill sets to produce advertising in their free time, communally and creating a concise message. Just having a place to discuss those sort of things would go a long way.


Here’s one that might be a good platform for spreading the SAFE network when both mature. At least it’s pretty innovative and they’re motion is in the right direction.

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Yes this one is really simple for SAFE. I created a bootable usb stick (easy if you use a live cd and some minor tweaks). On boot present a login screen, on login mount VFS, then map that to your home drive. You then have 8 Exabytes available to you on a machine with no hard drive (and bypass sw virus and keyloggers).

This is what I would like to create and drop all over the poorer parts of the world. Initially it was to get the OLPC machines able to store data and share it between the kids. This would be an amazing project for somebody, I am sure its within the models for the maidsafe foundation to directly fund such activity if its clearly for education and innovation, which I am sure this is.

Good one.


I moved a post to an existing topic: What categories do we need?

Anything to worry about here patent wise? I haven’t a clue, nor a techie.

No worries for us I think. Seems if you are a server owner to be paid direct for use. Our model is amortised payment across resources. This would prove an issue for some proof of cpu or bandwidth projects though where payment is made direct to the supplier of a resource. Interesting what Amazon can seem to get patents for. We have the patents in place for the ability to login to a fully decentralised network, that should cover a lot of our cases :smiley:

I am glad we do have patents as its ignoring them that causes companies to be closed by patents like this one.


Excellent news, thanks for explanation.

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A few months ago Torrent Freak reported that The Pirate Bay has a stealth project similar to Maidsafe, at least conceptually:

Not much more is known, at least nothing that I could find. Are you guys in touch with them? Comments?

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Also, there’s the Respect Network which is about to launch:

For a very simple functionality, respectnetwork is remarkably hard to understand!

It sounds like it attempts to solve some of the same problems of MaidSafe, and not in that differenct a manner, but then seems to rely on network participants to be trusted to not misuse your data in unstated ways!

I think there are fundamental differences between it an MaidSafe - but not enough detail on the business model for me to figure out what, and I didn’t want to wade through the technical faq. So I’ll have to wait for the launch (23rd June 2014)

Just added…

Status: alpha due July 2014

Paid for storage business (no other functionality) based on a network of professional storage providers (analogous to the bitcoin mining network). Siacoin is purely for storage purchase and resource reward - see economics description on reddit.

I placed this at the top because I think it is the most relevant I’ve seen so far, though not a direct competitor really as the economics, implementations and goals are quite different - see comparission discussion on reddit. The lead Sia dev made some ill informed claims about SAFE on that discussion which suggests to me he sees SAFE as a threat to his business model, which while decentralised, is still big server oriented, and otherwise fairly conventional. If as he claims Sia offers much higher performance, the two will exist side-by-side, if not, he’s toast!


Status: Alpha

Storj is an open source project actively developing a completely decentralized, secure and efficient cloud storage service that integrates a peer-to-peer protocol based on Bitcoin. The network runs on a protocol, cryptocurrency, and suite of decentralized applications that allow users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner.

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I am adding to bunch but already started a discussion over here:
How does ethereum compare to maidsafe?