Similar project to MaidSafe: GIG Technology / ThreeFold Token

Have any of you ever heard about GIG Technology and their plans to build a “new internet”? I did a search on this forum but found no results

We are building the software for a stateless computing grid, connected with a independent blockchain network, that steers autonomous robots to make it self-healing.

Next year in March they plan to launch their own ThreeFold Token.

The Token is designed to have real utility: they are the payment mechanism for buying and selling Internet IT capacity on our grid.

I am not affiliated with GIG, just stumbled upon it. To me their project seems very similar to what MaidSafe is doing. What do you think? Any chance both will join forces?

EDIT: I was unaware of the ‘Related Projects’ category (it didn’t show up in my list to choose from), and as a newbie here I was also unaware of the large amount of similar projects tot MaidSafe :slight_smile: Still makes me wonder: what if all these so called ‘competitors’ could align their goals and bundle their investments? But I guess that’s not gonna happen.


To me their project seems very similar to what MaidSafe is doing. What do you think?

Their pale blue color code: #699ee2 - Safe’s icon uses: #5c93ce

Quick scan: :

ThreeFold is building a decentralized, selfhealing, neutral internet infrastructure

“Threefold has a Solution, Break the datacenters apart into nodes”:

A node is a small scale replacement for a datacenter. Each node serves the immediate area where it is located, but they connect to each other. Together they provide all the internet capacity required, exactly where it is needed.

Also called (True) “Edge Cloud”:

By using a “hyper-distributed” network architecture with Green Miners running efficient computing & storage devices in a decentralized environment spread all over the world.

“ThreeFold Green Miner”:

Individuals and companies that buy ThreeFold Nodes and connect them to the Internet. All the Nodes together create the TF Grid.

Paying homage to David Irvine:

GIG has developed new blockchain algorithms based on proof of stake in order to achieve a extremely scalable blockchain with a distributed consensus mechanism. The software is called Rivine and has been implemented for and Threefold Token.

GG:TECH site in Belgium boasts a 50+ team.

Terminology in use by a Swiss GIG:EUROPE for their “G8 edge cloud infrastructure”:

Containers, VM’s, networking, PaaS building blocks, G8 Pilots (certified DevOps pros), geo-redundant GIT repo, self-healing orchestration.

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Feel free to ping me if you’d like to get more information about GIG Technology. To be very clear, we will NOT join forces with any other initiative, other than the Threefold Foundation.