Silktorrent: tar-files that are named according to their hashes and size

The Silktorrent is my own (solo) endeavor and it is totally useless to practically everybody, including software developers, and it will likely stay totally useless to non-technical users. However, it does have a nice collection of links about other, similar, projects and tar-files that are named according to their hashes and size can be served by anybody without the serving party having almost any possibility to modify the file without the receiving party having an ability to detect that the file has been tampered with.

For example, a
Robin Hood (read: Electronic Frontiers Foundation, WikiLeaks, etc.)
can ask the
King (read:NSA,KGB,FSB,STASI,etc.)
to run a drop-box service and as long as the King’s service is accessed through some anonymization network and the users of the drop-box service know in advance the name of the tar-file, the King can not alter the files in any manner.

If the NSA Utah data center offered a free drop-box service, over Tor, to all Chinese, Russian, European businesses, then in the next US-China war the China can not send rockets to the Utah data center, because by blowing up the Utah data center the Chinese government would hurt its own businesses. That in turn allows the U.S. to run drone/droid target search software in the Utah data center. Any party in the future needs some sort of data centers for waging war, because drones need to use all their energy for flying and spending a lot of it on computing and on keeping the computers lifted in the air would be an extremely inefficient use of the on-board fuel/battery. On the other hand, rendering 3D radar images from radar signals and searching for targets from both, 2D images and 3D images, is a compute-intensive activity. Add to that some “chess game engine” for the whole battlefield and the need for computing power skyrockets pretty exponentially.

That is to say, my Silktorrent project is a pathetic, small, generally useless, project, but tar-files that are named according to their size and hash have their elegance in simplicity.

Thank You for reading.