Silicon Valley Season Six Baby!

I put this under marketing because, hey - it’s free marketing for SAFE!

The opening of Silicon Valley this year puts the Piper-net decentralized Internet (cough cough, SAFE Network) front and center with a big splash as the main character of the show presents the case for the NEED for a global decentralized Internet before the US congress.

I haven’t even finished watching this first episode yet - was an exciting opening and had to share! Check it out!


Didn’t realize it kicked off already! Darn its almost 4am here and I need sleep. Will watch tomorrow for sure though! Sad its the final season but at the same time its about due for a wrap up, the plot has run its course.


Where can we watch it?

Just finished the episode. Won’t give any spoilers, but overall I think it’s pretty good - quite funny. The opening though was epic!


That’s a fine question … but I won’t tell you where … yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Code of the sea ya know.

lol. I’m sure it will turn up on the normal networks soon though.


Maybe this is the grand plan. Launch Fleming at same time as silicon Valley


If you have the displeasure of having Foxtel pretty sure it kicks off in about an hour. Otherwise as mentioned take the Tasman Sea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If nobody knows it’s related to SAFE, is it really marketing?


It creates a possibility in the future for journalists to explain the safenet by referencing silicon Valley. It would be eye catching.


I think if people see it and think, yeah we do NEED a “decentralized Internet”(phrase they used in the show), and then they look up the term on a search engine … they may well find SAFE … so yeah, IMO, I think it is marketing. :slight_smile:


Not that it matters but I think some of us are being a bit too optimistic. I mean. Maaaybe.

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I dunno, IMO it’s a show for geeks in a lot of ways … so …

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Don’t know if it could be a sign but it feels like the stars may align here. I was thinking about headlines something like “Where the show about decentralized internet ends, the real world decentralized internet begins”. And with the celebration of internet 50 years old that might also be something that aligns.


Nice to hear some talk of ants on the latest episode tonight.


Clearly inspired by Maidsafe yet again. In the sneak peak for next week Richard talks about pied piper being able to help bring about the cure for cancer which also sounds familiar. I think David and this project have made a big impression on the show.


I’m convinced Silicon Valley is part of a larger slow burning, drip drip, marketing campaign.

On Fleming launch, imagine the social network marketing opertunities…



I was totally hyping that they again were on the Maidsafe trail… Hopefully some actual reference to the safenetwork will be given at the end of the show… Wishfull thinking but hey… it’s almost Christmas


It would be funny if in the last episode the lead character started complaining about some copycats in Scotland trying to knock off piedpiper with some dumb safer network thing…
said in the usual silly falling down rant way of speaking that the lead char often does.

Edit: might be even funnier if in the script/show hbo contacts the folks at Pied Piper because they want to do a sitcom about the trials and tribs if software development and need technical advise. The fictitious sitcom would have folks trying to get a perpetual web and safe network launched that would be based on Pied Piper in the show…


I love it when they started using analogies about ants E6… pretty cool. we know where we are at.


Well … I watched the final episode … won’t give spoilers right now as it’s just out … but in regards to Maidsafe using Silicon Valley for marketing …

in the words of multiple characters in the show … “They fucked us”.

For me, and in the words of Richard Hendricks, “I’m okay as long as I don’t think about it.” lol

Overall I found the series funny but cringe-worthy and I’m somewhat disappointed in the ending - especially since we had a fair amount of linkages to Maidsafe.

I’ll think about it and discuss more in a few days when others have seen it.

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