Silicon Valley revealed: the Pied Piper Platform is SAFEnet!


Relevant article here from Mashable

“And then I thought, what if we use all those phones to build a massive network? We use my compression algorithm to make everything small, efficient, move things around. And if we could do it, we could build a completely decentralized version of our current internet with no firewalls, no tolls, no government regulation, no spying. Information would be totally free in every sense of the word.”


This was also picked up for a Scottish tech blog this morning:


This is nothing like MaidSafe. We use spaces, not tabs! :nerd:


Yeah, the spaces/tabs debate is long over, and spaces won.

Just the way the vim/emacs debate is long over… spacemacs won!


“The closest thing to what’s what’s described on Silicon Valley might be Storj” wtf


Madness, but not that surprising. There are like 1000 crypto projects out there… and then there’s SAFE. Very few know, fewer still understand and of those only a small number believe. When it appears it will take a lot of people by surprise. Socks will be blown off, mouths will gawk and heads will be scratched all over the globe. Fingers crossed anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


storj is ranked 50 on coinmarketcap and maid is 21. Maid has been around for years.
How in the world is this WIRED article even possible ? seriously.

conspiracy theory: Silicon Valley’s screenwriters are bagholders of maid and in the final they will come public that Pied Piper Platform actually is the safenetwork.

I am not done accumulating so not making effort to advertise the project yet, but I can tell you this kind of bullshit article makes me want to get my hands dirty. I don’t know how you guys accept being treated with such disrespect.


@SwissPrivateBanker I think we should all get some sweet safe Network leather jackets, grease our hair back, and rumble!!!


I think we’ve all become a bit numb to it. It wasn’t that long ago everyone was either laughing at or ignoring bitcoin, calling it a ponzi, or deriding it as nothing more than drug dealer currency.

You have to know your own mind in this world. When you’re right the rest of the world catches up eventually.

And then you get to be a smart arse and reap the rewards from not following the crowd. :yum:


Doesn’t being called the underdog and basically counted out, make it feel that much better when you come back with a knockout punch?


I used to box and was ok (selected for Scotland squad), however I probably lost every round 1. I was then selected as Ayrshire’s most promising boxer and won every fight (after my first one, which I did lose, plus one split much later on). Sometimes being quiet and mild but steady wins the race. All you need is grim determination and a tiny bit of skill. That’s not hard to see in this community :wink:


annoying, right? lets flock over there and comment. I just did and I invite you all to do the same :slight_smile:


I am not talking about safe on social media as long as I am not fully invested.
Some clients and contacts of mine are interested, and I have no interest in making the price goes up until everyone I know who might take a stake is on board. So I am not going to comment on the WIRED article.
The fact that it is so much under the radar is what makes maid interesting on an investment basis. Commenting on forums and internet websites would make me lose this edge. So for now, I keep quiet, even though it is frustrating.




I do think that marketing the Safenetwork as a “peer-to-peer internet” is more powerful than branding it as “decentralised internet”.

The masses understand peer-to-peer concept.

On another note, Eroshare is shutting done. I don’t know this platform but apparently it’s a big deal.
It’s hard and costly to monetize a free platfom without ads. that’s a great opportunitiy for the safenatework.

Imgbox also shutting down same day is not a coincidence.
This is likely due to some sort of law about ISPs collecting user metadata – a law which ‘kicks in’ on July 1st. It’s called a metadata retention law. it starts on that date in Australia. Anyone heard about that ?


You’re not qualified at all to make that judgement after 5 minutes.


Precisely. The best of the best are working on new solutions like scalable private anonymous nets which can be use for everything including and especy IoT and all the while making it so with proof of resource and not me too tech like blockchain which is excellent but still unscalable and unusable for IoT.


Are you saying you want to see a bunch of nerds do porn? :joy::grin:


Not only heard of it but actively resisted it becoming law. But our opposition party rather than debating these laws only ever try to go one better. Now the government is attacking encryption (forcing companies to open all for them) and the opposition is going one better saying TOR should be outlawed and BTC too.

It kicked in a while ago. And it is already being abused by those in authority and of course we only hear of the tip of the iceberg.


I sooo called this one!!! So glad @nicklambert and @dirvine got to consult/represent officially as the original obsessive nerds of decentralised internet for that show!!!