Silicon Valley revealed: the Pied Piper Platform is SAFEnet!


lol!! just thought i would share that tonight’s episode of Silicon Valley has them trying to explain a system that chunks files and encrypts them on other users devices for retrieval and no one understands it…lol…sound familiar?!! :joy:


I do love that show, And I have wondered what similarities there might be between this project and the pretend project of pied piper. Havnt seen this episode yet though, so iv got that to look forward too :slight_smile:

Also I stumbled across this the other day.


Holy cow. I just watched the episode and was all like …

SafeNet is the PiedPiper Platform (although he explains a simplified and not half as privacy advocating version). So, then the brand competition must be declared over – we even have a font-awesome logo already :stuck_out_tongue: :

(I honestly like the “robin-hood”-ness it has: Stealing back your data!)


Thomas middleditch is hilarious on the comedy bang bang podcast if anyone here is into podcasts. Agreed very good show


Omg… Spot on. Great press for The SAFEnetwork. I agree with the rebranding.

“MaidSafe: The Real Pied Piper”


So they’re just copying maidsafe, and their work. How nice of them.


Look forward to watching this episode. We up for the pied piper kiddie references in this brand association?


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I absolutely love this show, but forgot to catch it this weekend!

Gilfoyle FTW.


The problem is, Terminator…


I hadn’t heard about this series so I downloaded the latest episode. I could not get more than five minutes in before bailing out; it was too slow and the jokes were too weak. A program or movie can be slower and deeper (I liked Breaking Bad), or shallower but fast-paced (The Transporter or almost anything else with Jason Statham) but not slow and shallow.


Each to their own I guess, Personally I found that the first season was the funniest, Now it’s mostly about Richard trying to luanch the company wilst making a huge number of cringe worthy mistakes. I’d say that you’d probably have to watch it from the begining in order to properly get into it.


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I wonder if there’s any way to advertise on the show … even just to have one of the characters drinking from a MAID-logo’d cup. I have no idea whether or not the creators were aware of MAID when they were coming up with the idea for Pied Piper, but if they were … maybe they’d be sympathetic to a spot of free advertising (or whatever you want to call it)? Really just for kicks … I don’t think the masses will storm the gates afterwards, but it would be cool to see a MAID mention, visual or otherwise.


I dun watched it just today.

True dat. Reality is more marvelous than most fiction…

The new series is coming along on Monday in the UK.

I wonder if it has data chains in the new series (season)…


Hahaha first time I’ve heard of this show and saw the trailer clip of it - looks pretty funny. How popular is this show? Might not be such a bad idea for using it to help market Safe Network. If most people won’t have heard of it though might not be super great. I was a little confused when I first read the title.


I tried to explain a friend how amazing and the new technology behind Safe Network was. He told me that this was old news and that they had made a television series based on someone who had developed the same technology. I said that it was not possible. I now understand that he referred to this Pied Piper series.


It’s pretty popular amongst tech people anyway. Not sure the general public would think it was quite so hilarious. I love it!


anyone catch the new season opener today? building a new internet? :wink: