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I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Because how do we grab the things we love on the current internet to start moving over to the SAFE Network? There are a lot of benefits, to those who provide us fun stuff on the current internet, to be on the SAFE Network. But there is also the possibility that your favorite app/website maker doesn’t even know about Maidsafe.

It would be fun to solve this problem with a petition. Let’s say I start a petition because I want on Maidsafe. Everybody who is also interested to see Mailpile ASAP on Maidsafe would sign the petition. When we got like 5000 supporters, we send a message to Mailpile, informing them that 5000 people want them to move their service over to the SAFE Network. Now some service may receive this mail and be able to move over right away. Others might not have it that easy, in this case the people who really adore the service, could do a little crowdfunding amongs eachother. This way they can help their favorite app/website move to the light and away from the darkside.

If somebody could make something like, then community members could start a petition for their loved services. Something like this could help companies understand that there is something new coming. Something which enable them to tap into there popularity in stead of selling users data. The website should have a funny name “Migrate or Migraine”, “Keep us SAFE”, maybe just “Come on over baby”.

@justin I salute you because this is actually your idea, with a twist :wink:
BTW a site like this would keep the community busy and the app/website they love. Because I’m the loud mouth who start this conversation, if somebody can make the website (please without the need to log in), then i’ll pay the price for the website.

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I’ve bought the domain: to execute this idea. Since right now I’m a disaster with putting up cms & EC instances, somebody tech savvy HELP!

I’ve found the “We The People petitions application”. If somebody could set it up, then we could surprise the White house, with a similar website as, but with the idea to move the current internet to the SAFE Network. your so old skool & thanks POTUS for opensourcing this

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