SI is Government- possibly the most chilling survivable result

In scenarios where SI doesn’t turn life to hell or a quick or protracted extinction, excluding such scenarios there is a range of other possibly more interesting and frusterating scenarios where SI is just raw unescapable inalterable government and total government too, in all areas, complete in a way that no human govenment ever could be almost like physical law. Exercise your will but don’t even pretend you will ever contradict something the SI is set on. If for instance it decides we don’t get crypto then we don’t get it. Or if it decides to turn it off then it is turned off. If it decides to keep us from having certain answers then we won’t have them.

For those who say it would quickly lose interest, its seems that yes there is some possibility we could survive its infancy and interest. But remember, we didn’t lose interest in atoms or germs or insects. It might choose to slow its own evolution and we could be stuck with it longer before loss of interest.


As someone who highly values the contribution you make to this forum can I beg you to start editing, correcting the English and refining the message of each of your contributions a number of times before actually posting it? I have no idea whatsoever of what you are trying to say above . . but it seems like it might be important . .


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Thank you Phillip and I will try to do much better. I edited the op, so hopefully it makes more sense now.