Shred n Burn app idea

Have an app idea:

It would be good to have an app that allowed users to select shred n burn all their data or just some of it on the network and get rid of it forever.

Something simple where you would choose your files and it wouldn’t matter if those files were used in various apps it would delete them across the board forever.

@whiteoutmashups I know you like my ideas, lol

If you delete your data map then effectively you have shredded it forever. Without the datamap the chunks are just random bits of data to anyone looking at them.

The reason is that without the data map there is no way to know what chunks out there were part of any file.

Then additionally without the order of the chunks in the file then there is no way to decrypt the file as you need to have the chunks in the right order.

While not 100.000000% perfect the larger the network becomes the exponentially harder it becomes to look at every single chunk and reorder them trying to decrypt them. Additionally there is no way to know who they belonged too. Its really hard with 2^128 (or 2^256) addresses for chunks, if some angency tested every chunk address for actual chunks then the solar system would be dead by the time they got through them all, so you see its really hard to try and just find chunks to examine let alone try all the combinations of order to try and decrypt them.


Yeah but if someone has your log in details for example… I know I know, they ahve probably already taken what they want but still would be a good app idea. Don’t forget a lot of apps have very simple functions that already exist on PC’s, phones, browsers but it’s about offering every day joes a literal easy push button.

If they do this before you delete the data maps then they have copied what they wanted anyhow so moot point and the app idea would not help

If they do this after you deleted the data maps then like you there is no data maps to be able to retrieve any of those files. They are gone forever

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There was talk of having a self destruct login, that you could give if blackmailed. It would be like your main login, but would delete all data maps at login time.

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