Shout-outs to @neo

Just noticing a great deal of effort coming from him recently (and all the mods for that matter), such as answering new members’ questions so quickly and thoroughly, and especially for all the help he has been on my own forums.

Just wanted to say you’re doing great and we all appreciate your (and yes, all the @moderators ) hard work and everything you do for our humble forum!

Great karma is being generated (and I don’t mean reddit)


Thank you @whiteoutmashups I totally agree about @neo he’s doing an amazing job!

And thank you for your appreciation - I know you’ve had concerns about moderation from time to time so it it’s doubly nice to hear you think we’re doing well. It’s been really hard from time to time - we just want to maintain a great community that supports the project. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your contributions too. I love what you’re doing. Just sorry I wasn’t able to help fund you - missed the window! :frowning:


Why thank you @whiteoutmashups and @happybeing, I hadn’t notice myself doing that. You’ve embarrassed me with this.

You may not see me as much over the holidays this weekend with the grandkids and all visiting. :wink:

But really I see others in the forum, like yourself helping out so much too. The other Mods also do so much as well in answering the new people’s posts.


Just wanted to add that I’ve been noticing more and more of your sense of humor coming out in your posts lately @happybeing but I’m usually running into them on my phone when I can’t like to show my appreciation. Seeing you enjoy yourself while doing this thankless job makes me happy.


Yes, thank you, I have been lightening up. I’m generally overly literal and overly serious, so I appreciate the encouragement. Maybe I should try a clown avatar :wink:


Nay, we already have @tonda for that.


That tickled me, thanks. I think we need a group hug emoticon :revolving_hearts:


If nothing else, this project Has brought us all together :sunny: :family: :computer:


Yesss! This is what I have been working towards for months now. Joy and relaxation seems to be permeating deeply. :joy: Keeping in mind that we’re talking to our friends is essential for a light progressive and enjoyable correspondence. Breaking down walls is my life’s goal. I challenge convention and encourage its antonym. I love you people. The least I can do is be real with you all. What you see is what you get even if it makes some a bit uncomfortable. No masks or pretension here my dudes. :v: :slight_smile:

Now on with the show. It’s gunna be a good one!

Whiteout pass the joint. Puff puff pass son… :confused:


---- Group hug ----

@dirvine come thru. You do know that you and the computer are separate entities. Don’t borg out on us. Take a breather. :cold_sweat:

Get these hugs then take a swig of some scotch. :sweat_smile:

Yo @janitor , is that you grabbin my ass!? :astonished:

Just messin witcha! :grin:


:joy::scream::laughing::hushed::heart_eyes: Lol, Lol, Lol!

Laughter truely is the best medicine. Thanks once again Tonda. Hippyhug you’ll!


You do top notch work bro. The community is very lucky to have you!

Just think, future academics might be pouring over your posts and writing papers about your contribution when SAFE has taken over the world and we’re all lost to posterity :wink:

Love what you do!



My kid will be writing an essay about how Janitor was grabbing Tonda’s ass at the dawn of the Decentralized Internet Era