Should we make a system where we can do social actions?

should there be a system implemented to make social actions possible?

I mean philanthopy and quality of life or solving the climate change…

I know the safe network should be as easy to use as possible but here is the idea:

shouldnt we incentivies green energy storage? storage that is using low energy systems that are also working from green energy like solar and wind and other green sources?

I would say that could happen by making the network somehow give some kind of UBI and there be a market of some sort that would be used to use that UBI for batteries and solar panels?

its a rough idea but I wish you get the point.

I would like this thread to be focused on how can we make a change in the world and if safe network cant then please moderator move this thread to apps or related projects and people who are interesting for social action and making a change in the worlds problems should participate in this thread and find solutions to the big problems.


Unfortunately checking whether the vault runs on green power is practically impossible, basically everything else can be done trough apps.(assuming we could even agree on what’s defined as green power)

As for general philanthopy, that should actually be easier since there are no maintainance costs for servers, less middleman are therefore required as well, and money can be transfered directly to whoever can prove that they need help.

One (very smart) person could start a site like gofundme or so for basically no cost, making it selfmoderating will be the trickiest part, after starting it no extra costs are required.


No, not in the network. Your utopia is another man’s nightmare. If you want some theme like that then write an app. For everything else there is talk on the forum that a ‘tipping’ option will be included in the browser.

If a ‘tipping’ or ‘donate’ feature is in the browser, every site will have a ‘gofundme’ feature built in. The centralized ‘app’ essentially becomes an organized directory of who’s-who with links to project addresses that people can browse, with a comments section.


You could well end up hurting those ppl who can not afford the perfect set up.
So poorer ppl would suffer with reduced payouts.

That’s exactly what I meant! if only I knew how to make such a thing :smiley:

(I’m assuming you know, but just in case. The browser will come with a tipping function for webid’s)

I dont think you really got my point. The point is about having a system to help people go green!!! Help them buy solar panels and batteries!!! But you people are right on that it can be an app or an extra system outside of safe network

Yes sorry, I read the post yesterday but did not reply. I replied today before re-reading it.
I think I grasped your idea wrongly.