Should we have a chatbot?

I’ve been playing around with a simple FAQ generated chatbot using microsoft azure, it could get a lot more complicated… but the most basic bot, you feed it in questions and answers, and acceptable forms of a question.
You can add it on skype, viber… etc… even wrap it up an put it on a website.

A more advanced bot, could do more fancy things, but if the bot has no answer, for now we could just point it to the forum if the user does not re-phrase a question well enough or if it has not been asked before.

What do you think?

Is there an FAQ page anywhere?


If there isn’t it’s long overdue. A FAQ is one of the first features many people review when exploring a new undertaking.

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It is out of date, but here it is…

David also did a series of videos where in each he answered a FAQ. There’s a post of the somewhere, or maybe they are also in the wiki.


Here we go guys… a very basic chatbot, no cognitive abilities… yet.

Limited to the first 100 people who connect. If it works out, could production it, also have code to
embed in to a website.

Cost… peanuts for now, will pull plug on it if it gets expensive.

If I get more time I will fiddle around with cognatives… also, alternate phrasing of each question is accepted.
I guess I could ask people to write alternatives below?


I think a chatbot would be really nice to have.

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Here is a skype screenshot… looks great… needs work though.


This is pretty cool, but what we really need is “SAFE Clippy”! :wink:

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via Imgflip Meme Generator


This is Awesome @Zoki!!!

Could this be adapted to either Slack/IRC/Discord/Matrix/Telegram?
These chats are all bridged with each other and if you just create it for one of those, it should answer questions that come through any of them.
Once ready, you should hit up @frabrunelle to set it up.

This would help out we Moderators a lot!

@riddim take a look here.

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You can. :slight_smile: Here are the other available “channels”

Here is what the simplest bot training looks like, nothing cognitive-ish, it does manage to pickup
on misspellings and slightly different questions. You do have the option to enter rephrasing also.

I just took a look at the running cost, this is mostly day to day subscription fee.


Here is my monthly fee forcast… ouch. I just pulled the plug.


This bot could absolulty take the weight of people managing chat channels, capture the FAQs, and tell the bot how to respond.

With .net and visual studio, you can program more complicated bots, if you have the time.


Well, I can’t code myself, but I have a few friends that do, so I might ask one of them to help me out then.

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Hmm - I will have a closer look at it later - thx for the ping @SalvorinFex

Hmhmm what worries me about implementing it in the live channels is ‘how does it know that it was supposed to answer?’ (if it was only the bot and the question in one room you could try to come up with multiple ways to express the question, train a neural network and just pick the most probable one… But with a lot of other messages in the channel it gets pretty complex very quickly…) and how much work is training vs. Just answering

We do have people with different levels of English skills over there - does it get triggered automatically when those (exact) phrases are included in the last message @Zoki or does it automatically do some additional word stemming and stuff to start out a bit more powerful…? If we want to include all variants how to express one of the FAQs that’s again quite some work :thinking:

Ps: This looks very cool and powerful but for the live channels I could imagine just some Python +regular expressions for question detection could be at least similar powerful (but I don’t have any additional resources to invest… Time is very limited right now… And keep in mind the answers to questions still keep changing - depending on the exact intention of the question, newest developments and level of technical knowledge of the asking person… a really good chat bot is nothing trivial… )

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