Should we drop the double slash in safe urls?

Which would not be using Safe then because their code could not be up-gradable.


Some might easily upgrade http:// to safe:// but the complexity of a different delimiter doesn’t help… same as for that IOT that is bag of mostly water.

The other point, just to reenforce the obviously since this is another thread that will not die!.. the change of http:// to safe:// is also a conceptual… "it’s safer"™


To do that they have to have the equivalent of a Safe client installed into their un-upgradable system.

Its not just replacing http: with safe:, it still has to have the code installed to understand the Safe protocol

Basically if the IOT can be upgraded to understand teh Safe protocol and work with it then it can be changed to have the // removed.

But in my opinion the safe protocol should understand both forms. Means we can move to what it should be while allowing legacy format to be acceptable


I’ve yet to see a good suggestion of reason to change.
If it’s for humans, then it’s more readable with a delimiter more than one character.

I wonder Tim Berners-Lee was just a fluff piece, pandering to some ocd minority of coders who like the idea of faster code.


Oh yea :face_with_monocle: You got me there :smiley: I was meaning in general with TBL saying it’s too late now for the www.


hahaha love a good TNG reference:

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Ah… thought it was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy