Should Safecoin be promoted and nurtured by a Maidsafe subsidiary?

Most people in the crypto space don’t realize Safecoin will offer free instant transactions and anonymity, which is huge and quite unique in the crypto space.

People think Maidsafe is all about building some kinda` internet decentralized thing. That’s what most people in the crypto space know about Maidsafe and the Safenetwork.

I think Maidsafe could benefit a lot by creating a special subsidiary focused entirely on Safecoin and on promoting Safecoin since the possibilities could be endless.

Safecoin has all it takes to become the top cryptocurrency of choice for everyone, to gain consumer and merchant adoption and to be used in day to day trading activities.

I hope Safecoin will be promoted more once the coin actually launches. At the moment very few people in the crypto space know about the properties of Safecoin and how transformative it could be. I think it’s a shame because there’s lots of wasted potential there.

From what I’ve seen so far, the message is all about the internet, secure encrypted decentralized communication, no servers and censorship stuff and not so much about Safecoin’s potential. It’s very likely that Safecoin could end up being even bigger than the Safenetwork itself. Most scientific discoveries happened by accident. People set out to achieve one goal and ended up with something else entirely. Viagra is a good example of that. :slight_smile: It was initially destined to be heart medication but it ended up serving a totally different purpose. Food for thought!


SAFE Network: the Viagra of the crypto-space :eggplant: :smile:


Can’t really promote something that does not exist and once it’s out the bag I don’t think it will need much promotion.


Actually Safenetwork was promoted long before having a working alpha implementation. Here is a Keiser Report appearance for example

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And free!
No Blockchain can offer free transactions because it destroys their security model


I think that depends on the definition of promoted.
Don’t get me wrong I want the world to know as much as you do, but telling only goes so far without the ability to show.


Yes, I’ve already mentioned free transactions in the first paragraph. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s much better to have a product you can at least demo, sure.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer. I believe Test Safecoin is right around the corner. I believe it was announced for Alpha 3.

Some things can be done in preparation. Currently most people have no clue Safecoin could go head to head with all the top 5 cryptocurrencies and beat them at their own game.


I share your enthusiasm but why the rush?

It’s not about rushing. I’ve been a holder since the early days, since Maidsafecoin first came out.

It’s about making sure Safecoin gets the attention it deserves.


I agree; I’ve been to many crypto Meetups (mostly bitcoin) and agree that most people don’t understand the real proposition of SafeCoin, being the first digital currency with zero tx fees (and also confirming at network speed /seconds).

Maybe a video is in order, at some point


Fair enough. Timing is everything though, wouldn’t you agree?

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Sorry, I seem to be communicating in questions tonight :slight_smile: My point is that given the history of the project ‘just around the corner’ is a fairly maleable term.Crypto is plagued by hype and it’s best not to add to it by going off too soon, IMO


Exactly. Push too early and everyone ignores it when it is actually there, since they have heard it all before.

I also wonder which is better, to promote or let SAFEcoin be a utility that people just use and love.

For instance in Australia and I am fairly confident similar elsewhere, petrol (gas for you USAers) itself is not promoted yet it is one of the most used substances in our society. Brand names are promoted, but not the actual product/substance.

Same for electricity, they don’t promote the product “electricity” just the retailers promote their discounts and themselves and their sources as the best to use. Same for tap-water, who advertises just tap-water yet everyone uses it for drinking and/or washing

The point is that some products do not need promotion, yet everyone talks about the product during the year, they use the products etc.

I am tending to the concept that once we tell the (crypto) world about SAFEcoin it will just take off from there, people will talk about it and there will be no need for promotion. Just some education resources that show up on a google search (ie a web site/pages explaining it)

And I am tending away from the need for large resources (eg separate company) to be put into promotion. SAFEcoin has utility, people need to use utilities so SAFEcoin will be the next petrol/electricity/tap-water


I wish that were the case but I’m afraid it’s not.

Bitcoin was promoted a lot early on by the likes of Roger Ver, Trace Mayer, Brian Armstrong, Berry Silbert and others. You need to get the word out there and also focus on fostering merchant adoption, exchange integration and lots of other stuff that would facilitate mainstream usage. User friendly desktop and mobile wallets as well. I believe someone already started working on something like that which is good, but putting some company resources towards helping Safecoin gain mainstream merchant and user adoption would be even better.


I agree with both @CoinChatClub and @neo. Timing is everything but at the same time people are completely unaware of Safecoin’s many benefits. I see Dash and Monero rising in value and honestly Safecoin blows them both out of the water in terms of security, speed, and anonymity. Yet still having the ability to have transparency/receipts via data chains. Also another novel aspect is having no Blockchain but instead Close Group Consensus (if that’s what it’s still called?). So personally I’m all for raising awareness but emphasizing the network as first priority.


The difference is monero and dash are working products. Safecoin is not.

I think we all want safe net and safecoin to be done yesterday, but until they are delivered, they can’t be used.

Just browse the bitcointalk maidsafe thread and there is an immediate feeling of hostility to the project. 10 years and nothing, vapourware, scam, etc. Much of it is foolish talk, but there is a santient point in there somewhere - deliver, then promote. Even Bitcoin came this way around.


just been listening to Johnny (of Blockstream) vs Roger Ver - Bitcoin Scaling Debate (SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited)

(from 39.00 mins)

"I use Bitcoin more times than I can count every single day, I’ve already sent more than $100,000 in Bitcoin transactions today as part of my business.

Bitcoin is becoming less and less useful every single day because of the network congestion, and if people like me that are using Bitcoin for commerce and saving Bitcoins …if I get fed up with the high fees and easiness of double spending on the Bitcoin network, and start using something else and a bunch of other merchants do, Bitcoin will lose it’s network effect, people are going to use something else, and these hundred and fifty Bitcoin core developers are going to start working on something else, because it’s no fun to work on something that no-one is using.

That’s a real possibility with Bitcoin, that’s how serious the problem is with Bitcoin" - Roger Ver


There is a very large difference between bitcoin and SAFEcoin.

SAFEcoin is Automatically promoted as SAFE is promoted. BTC had to break virgin ground in the digital coin world. SAFEcoin is part and parcel of SAFE and as such people HAVE to learn about SAFEcoin if they want to store data. When they find out the info to store data they can be presented with the summary of the benefits. It will be a “light bulb” moment that will glow brighter as they continue to use SAFE. No need for expensive and large resources to be pumped into promotion. Separate company is what I consider large resources.

We need to provide all the educational material, we need to have SAFEcoin promotional info/material on the SAFE wikis We need to tell the crypto world of SAFEcoin when its released. BUT no need of a separate company. The community, MAIDSAFE, other associated SAFE companies and the SAFEnetwork will do the promotion and spreading the word. Why create another layer of pen pushers to push something that will push itself as a matter of course.


SAFE is different to bitcoin, the network itself will promote SAFEcoin and force its adoption as people adopt the SAFEnetwork. A separate company is like people trying to create a cushy job for themselves on the wave of the SAFEnetwork.

Promotion doesn’t need a new layer of pen pushers to promote/advertise, the community, MAIDSAFE, associated SAFE companies will be more and do more than enough promotion and a special/separate company is unnecessary in my opinion

Timing is everything. SAFEcoin only needs promotion after implementation. It is simply the resource payment system and will grow from its use anyhow.


Agree, no Safecoin specific company, … but appreciate the idea being put forward to bring out refresher info, and debate/chat.
Shows just what a special moment we are in…on the cusp.