Should maidsafe start giving timescales?


Voted. I’d like to be proven a pessimist in the nearest future possible, but…


hmhmmm you could’ve made it a non-public poll :open_mouth: maybe some people don’t want to share what they voted (e.g. our devs :smiley: )

ps: and i don’t see Q2 2018 :thinking: :open_mouth:


It’s all open source :smile:


Not a bad idea. There could even be copy and paste-able FUD phrases for quick venting, kind of like a cathartic stress ball. :wink:


What in the name of all that’s holy is THAT??


Smirnoff + Guinness :wink:


Is it good for you?..


I have a vague recollection of drinking vodka and Guinness in my younger days. Vague because most of it was spent crawling around on the floor after my legs refused to behave.


How dare you question the health benefits of Guinness :laughing:


My ol lady and I have been making an Irish stew with Guinness lately and it’s really good, especially cause I get the left over Guinness.


Well it says here that it’s good for you, but you have to be careful who you trust these days.


Happy to offer weekly or biweekly FUD therapy sessions.
I accept payment in MAID.



Thanks David for the detailed response. Now it makes perfectly sense. I can just try to grasp how hard it must be to be so transparent about everything so some “private” hacking from time to time seems just fair and productive.

Maybe a side sentence in the update about such excourses would also be enough. “Ok guys, we’ll delay X because we try out Y which should bring in benefit Z.”

However, thanks for your effort and keep rocking. :slight_smile:


Some time back, in this thread, @draw posted a YouTube video about a fascinating game called Star Citizen.
Reviving the subject because their development process and challenges parallel ours in ways that could be useful.

In common:

  • Crowd-funded by passionate community
  • Feverish anticipation for delivering an unprecedented product
  • Product composed of many pieces that must be mostly developed to completion to work together
  • Community frustration and disappointment over missed milestones and delays

Take a look at some of these for a taste of the pressure, anticipation, and frustration:

The amount of testing that required for the smallest of tasks is overwhelming.

When milestones are missed, some of the louder voices in the community claim malice or neglect on behalf of CGI, the company behind Star Citizen. CGI has replied by addressing the great divide between community and developers over development process.

Star Citizen has responded by creating several series of weekly shows on YouTube:

  • Bugsmashers - recap of particularly interesting solved bugs for the week and summary of JIRA
  • Around the verse - highlights how a particular aspect of the game is developed
  • The Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - each episode goes deeper into the culture, lore, and history of a particular system in the galaxy
  • The Next Great Starship - series competition where amateur developers compete to develop a ship or weapon that will be included in the game
  • Calling All Devs - Live Q&A with various developers to learn about how components are developed and how they work

There’s a lot more than that but, in general, each of these pieces of content educate the community about the something that’s very hard to convey: the development process.

One major difference between our projects is that Star Citizen has much greater and on-going funding, which allows them to pay for all the overhead of content creation and community development.

With all that said, CGI has a roadmap, milestones, and regular informative content, but I’m unsure of how to measure the effectiveness.

Misses and delays are inevitable but would people feel better about them with greater detail of development process?

What’s up today?

You should have added Cambridge Analytica trademark there really :slight_smile:


About Cambridge Analytica:
Could you tell us if Facebook is interested in the technology of the safenet? Have you tried to explain him what you are building?
Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to study blockchain technology and how to apply it for decentralization.
Don’t you think it would be interesting to let him know the benefits of SafeNet versus blockchain?
Thanks and forgiveness for my English.


Since I think Zuckerberg is smart enough to smell and desire to neutralize an impending threat, I think that might more likely elicit an eventual Facebook ban on anything and everything Maidsafe/SAFEnetwork related… Or, who knows, maybe there’d be short term (feigned) altruistic interest for “learning” purposes…


I would like to see facebook and other companies run on the safenet. they would benefit from using the safenetwork by increasing its benefits due to the lower storage cost and the impossibility of suffering a DDOS attack or the theft of data by third parties …


But how would they mine the data.


Old topic, and I hesitated as to revive it.
However, it is probably the best place; those who ask themselves the OP question (especially, but others too) would want to see this presentation:

EDIT: Hey @starsmick, to you from me with love.

(Seriously though, this is good stuff for all working with IT, or at any place depending on the work of its developers).