Should MaidSafe join Enterprise Ethereum Alliance?

The benefits of being party to this “party” are not to be discounted. This may seem counterintuitive, but gaining instant access to some very influential organizations can only benefit @maidsafe.

The greater part of Ethereums success has been its ability to build momentum, attract developers and use that as a fulcrum to gain the attention of heavyweights from many industry sectors.

MaidSafe is not building a blockchain, but not everyone that joins a prestigious golf club is a golfer. Many do it to rub shoulders with business influencers. MaidSafe does have something in common with Ethereum though, they need developers.


One word I noticed that would be a negative and that word is “influential

It works both ways. They maybe able to influence outside forces to assist. BUT they also want their pound of flesh by influencing the direction of the project they support.

And honestly would you expect otherwise. If they sink resources into your project then you’d expect them to be able to influence development.


Couple of points.

No mention of “sinking resources” into anything. And honestly, not every investment includes control and not every investor expects control. Besides, MaidSafe has lots of experience taking on investors without ceding control.

But this is not an attempt to get funding, it’s an opportunity to put MaidSafe alongside industry members that it would otherwise not have access to. Its pure unadulterated marketing.

MaidSafes should not be afraid of the big bad wolf, they are big boys, they know how to conduct themselves in public and they know what’s good for them.

What would be the advantages of being offered an investment by any one or all of the participants of EEA? There mere fact that MaidSafe had the exposure to that offer multiplies its value, brings more credibility, but most importantly, it starts the conversation that then permeates the rest of the EEA members.

MaidSafe can only benefit. Its like a MeetUp for industry. Its R3CEV cloned, the companies joining are looking for latest/greatest. MaidSafe may have something one of 150 companies (and growing) wants.



It makes me wonder how Ethereum can easily get big corps, and evil giants to get on board. They been so anti-bitcoin, but flip 180 and support Ethereum??

That doesn’t add up.


Sure it adds up. That’s the whole essence of Evil Giants. Fuck everybody, but follow the money. Microsoft used to consider Linux “communist”. Now “Microsoft loves Linux”. The US was allied with the Khmer Rouge during the Vietnam war, and so on…


yeah something doesn’t sound right

would be disappointed if the maidsafe group got too friendly with anyone in that EEA group

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Regardless of what I wrote above, I don’t think it’ necessarily a bad idea to maybe have drinks with these people. Just never forget who you are dealing with. Keep your friends close but … and all that.


So if a bank went to Troon and said, “Mr. David, We like your technology, help us adopt our world wide operations to the Safenet.” This would disappoint you? Please explain why.

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Anybody here know how much money healthcare operators in the United States pay to lock down patient records and how much MORE they are prepared to spend NOW, after those teaser ransomware events?

Put aside ideologies or MaidSafe will always be worth 50 cents. When the well runs dry, there nobody here gonna kick in payroll for an indeterminate period.

BTW, anybody ever wonder what would happen if David Irvine became incapacitated or worse? God forbid this would happen, but what’s the organizational sustainability plan here? Its all David from what I can see - from a tech/vision perspective. Nick is key also. All the community talks about is how confident they are in David. This is much bigger than David.

We need 400 developers. How do you get them?

I do get the potential benefit of “rubbing shoulders” and stuff but share a number of the concerns others have about who we might end up getting into bed with and what we might catch.
I agree this project is perceived by some as all about DIrvine, but aside from the vision DIrvine himself has stated it is definitely a team effort and wishes it would be more commonly recognised as such.

Sorry, who does and what for? Do you mean Maidsafe to develop/maintain SafeNet? I’m just wondering if maybe the timing isn’t quite right yet and optimum time to recruit 400 devs isn’t now but later?

Maybe slowly over time by carefully familiarizing devs with the core code over time… it’s happening now isn’t it, but once code more solid etc, growth should accelerate perhaps? :smile:


Let the adults decide. Are you really trying to say MaidSafe is bigger than the opportunity an alignment with EEA may offer? Maybe you could consider that in order to attract and retain developers there need to be the obvious and strong indication that the application of this product is varied and has strong support from organizations - preferably orgs that have deep pockets. Not just anarchists and anti-google folk.
I think it’s more than 400 devs we need. I’m claiming 1,000 devs now. Devs chomping at the bit to make apps for Safe, and 50 evil companies offering $50 million each to join The Safenetwork Alliance.

Are you prepared for the possibility that MaidSafe will fail simply because no one wants to use it? Are you fully understanding that perfect tech doesn’t make for success? Have you any idea why the NVT dudes took home $7mil? Wasnt perfect tech, wasn’t even a single developer, it was because they made people want to buy it. They created a (albeit smoke/mirrors imaginary) solution to a problem and took it to market.

There are real problems out there right now that MaidSafe has a very viable solution - in the mill.

Do you want to ignore those opportunities?

Edit: Hey @Al_Kafir that wasn’t meant to come off harsh, sorry if it had some smoke, not intended.

I 100% agree with this…

Probably yes, but that’s because I don’t see support from organisations with deep pockets as the primary concern. I see producing a working Network with utility as the main reason we will have…

So, given time and a working Network with all it promises, Ethereum devs will be among those devs you mention wanting to join the SafeNetwork Alliance…so why join their’s now? :smile:

Absolutely no probs, I didn’t take it as such, don’t mind anyway and I’m usually the harshest git on here…so can’t complain…lol
Sorry, I also replied too early and missed your 2nd paragraph.


Here’s your Achilles heel, fog.

But I respect your viewpoint.

About being dependant on @dirvine

Hey let’s not forget @ustulation @Fraser and @Viv . Those are some real beasts in this arena. You’d have to kill them all to have a chance at derailing this mission.

Even then you still have @AndreasF who might be enraged enough to move into a position of leadership to see this through. Resources are important, but I believe SAFE is important enough that it wont be given up even if the devs are scraping by.

It’s only just a matter of time. The beauty is that the current code and concept will at least always stand as a reference for future projects. There’s no going back… :smirk:


Yes, I think we have to recognise that possibility.

Yes, I understand it does not guarantee success.

I’m thinking probably because ICO’s are currently in some kind of weird tulip bulb bubble and people are daft, but I agree marketing was probably the biggest contributing factor.

No, as I said, just the time isn’t just yet. Right now does not seem the most beneficial time to me to either hire 400 devs or spend loads on a marketing campaign. :smile:


Lol…what do you mean? I don’t get your meaning. :smile:


Man, once we hit mid Alpha 3 let the community marketing campaign begin!! Data Chains (if successful) will blow minds! Data republish alone will light a fire :fire: under tech scientists ass.

Investors will come a knockin and SAFE will then have the luxury of cherry picking the best. Devs will be pulled in from all over to work on SAFEnet to accelerate development two or three fold once beta hits. We just need to be a little more patient. The cavalry is about to arrive :laughing:


No, Because Maidsafe become the contractors adapting the bank’s systems to SAFE. The bank is not controlling/influencing SAFE but how their systems are adapted to SAFE. Its a layer above SAFE that the work is done (i.e. APPs)

But lets be clear Microsoft does not give money to other companies (potential storage systems competitors) and not expect something (a lot) back.

On the other hand if a similar fund raising as banktothefuture was to occurr again and Microsoft invested then fine, because the amount of “shares” they would get would not allow any control.

We all have to be. And any alignment from the big guys is no guarantee that SAFE has any better chance to succeed and actually because it works against their business models of making money from user’s data, the alignment is more likely to cause SAFE to fail.

Remember that all these big businesses have now moved focus from producing great products to producing enticing products that also collect the user’s data. So while they might (sometimes) produce good products there has been a marked increase to collect user’s data to then sell and profit from. Win 10 was a prime example, give away the OS while collecting the user data on their servers and the user had to disable that.

BUT SAFE is actually a complete reversal of that business model of making money from user’s data and back to making product that will aid and benefit society as a whole. For those big companies its a case of any benefiting society is a coincidence to their making money.

Ethereum on the other hand can suit their model since it can provide a great tracking tool with the trace locked into a blockchain. Microsoft could not control bitcoin, but etherium, well there is much better opportunity.


That’s why EEA would be valuable. Meeting the banks and other companies where MaidSafe is the consultant and infrastructure.

Microsoft is not a good candidate for MaidSafe. Never was, never will be.

There will no magically appearing userbase without some Integration with the real world.

I think this will happen with some companies in the future, although after release.

I imagine that if and when SAFE takes off and becomes widespread that there will be a lot of companies creating APPs to integrate business systems with SAFE.

I am at a loss as to what large technological companies (except large h/w manufacturers) are not now into the “sell user info” mindset. Even medium businesses are jumping on the bandwagon.

Oh and microsoft was used to clearly show what I was trying to say. They are the newest ultra large company to jump on the bandwagon, its just the others have done it for ages. Google, Apple anyone.