Should I transfer the ownership of the domains to MaidSafe?

Hello @dirvine and @maidsafe Team ,

I need some guidance. :hear_no_evil: I quite boldly work for SAFE but maybe I’m wrong. So I need some guidance…

Some community members believe that MadeSafe should control the domains I buy. I personally don’t think so, but maybe I’m wrong.

We write in the weekly updates:

As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the SAFE Network together

So can you be so kind as to give feedback? Several people are already working on creating local translations and communities and I just want to make sure this work is supported by David and the MaidSafe Team :love:


I personally don’t mind at all, in fact I applaud any efforts to get us out there. SAFE is for everyone and has to be. I don’t think we should control the narrative, but as a community we can all debate points, but we are not the in control of anyone :wink:


I agree, it’s a great effort @Dimitar! And great to not have all things Maidsafe too, IMO :+1:

Only thing I can think is it may be worthwhile having a list of what domains are owned by whom (even if just an anonymous username) somewhere. That can let people easily know how decentralised the discussion is, serves to avoid confusion on the topic and perhaps any claims about X/Y doing Z with some forum or other.


I tend to think that community stuff should be in the hands of the community. An individual isn’t the community, nor is Maidsafe though they are a good proxy. You are a good proxy too, because of your proof of work. There’s also the Maidsafe Foundation, a Scottish charity.

So what would community ownership be like?

At the moment, I think ultimate control (ownership) might best be in the hands of the Foundation, but with an individual in day to day charge so the Foundation doesn’t need to get involved unless they see this as necessary for the good of the network.

I also think that it is fine for you @Dimitar to decide and handle things the way you want. You have put the effort into this, and your own money, and it is up to others to decide whether to join you and in what capacity.

I think Josh’s idea is good too because for people to be able to decide we need transparency.


Friend, I see that you do not follow up close the weekly news of the SAFE World Domination project :wink:

There is a list of who owns the domains already (they are all in my name). I have also made it clear that I intend to transfer everything to the SAFE Network foundation, which I will open in Bulgaria.

It is a matter of money, not desire… I’m not rich, I work month for month, and even foundations have expenses that at the moment I think can be avoided.

Also, all the work for the sites is public on GitHub and can be forked immediately if anyone wishes… it is mentioned in the news as well :safelove:

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It would be great to open this thread up to more discussion I think. Does anyone have objections to that?


Done, it’s visible to everyone :power:


Hello guys, I might be a lonely voice here but I think we should put some time thinking about this. There are certain resources that should be under the control of Maidsafe, especially the official looking websites and the translations.
Those who have been in the forum for a while might remember what happened to our first official forum: which was owned by dallyshalla.
I bet nobody expected that such a fervent supporter would turn 180° against us, I certainly didn’t.

We are kinda lucky that dallyshalla was just an asshole and not someone with a malicious agenda, there was nothing we could have done if he had decided to infect users with malware usurping and staining the reputation of this project.
This is not only a branding issue, it is also a potential security issue.

We should really start caring about branding, it is not a superfluous corporate term, it actually boils down about building and protecting an identity that people can trust… and one of the main techniques to accomplish this is to minimize any potential source of confusion for the potential consumer/adopter.

I think it would hit the right balance if Maidsafe owned the official-looking domains and sites, while delegating its management to the community. The ownership will provide an emergency break if anything goes awry.
Only the links owned/controlled by Maidsafe should be used in promotional campaigns, as we don’t know what will happen to the links owned by third-parties in the future.
Other community efforts should be clearly identified as such, and not as official sites.

Prevention is always going to be cheaper and less messy than damage control, and we had enough of that, haven’t we?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - Santayana


Friend, for me the biggest risk for SAFE is that regulators will hit us while we are still weak.

I prefer to risk with people to whom I will transfer the domains.

Than to have everything concentrated in 1 company that can be ordered to stop access to the sites to a certain group/s of people.

Last year, the Bulgarian government banned access to and I did not have access to my account there.

Decentralization is what I believe will allow us to win. Yes, 1-2 domains may fall into bad hands, but the other 99 will survive. While if everything is in one place and it falls, we lose the war…


This is true, not only dallyshalla but several others have turned.

It is not impossible to imagine that in the future something happens that turns (in this instance @Dimitar) against the project.
I by no means imply that you will Dimitrov.

What do you suggest, I am not entirely sure that I understand. How do we stop others from creating Safe Network resources that appear ‘official’ or force them to hand control of those resources to Maidsafe.

How do you see this working?


What I mean by this is that crucial aspects should be under Maidsafe’s wings: an official source for translation of resources and the locale versions of the translated sites… which can be used to reference for localized marketing campaigns.

It would be a mess if every “official” locale version of the forum and the landing pages were owned by different users of the forum. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

Btw I preemptively registered a few safenetwork related domains to prevent malicious squatting and objectively I would consider myself a security risk for the project. I would like to transfer the domains to Maidsafe.


Don’t worry friend. I’m here to help SAFE, not to please anyone.

Me, you, MaidSafe, are only here for a while.

What is left behind are the children and the world we have left them.

I want to leave the world a better place. I know for a fact that centralization is a single point of failure. Therefore, my actions are aimed at helping the project to be decentralized as much as possible so that it does not depend on either 1 company or 1 forum with people. :dragon:


Why do you think so? It’s very simple. The domain and hosting is owned by a Patreon. But the work is done by people in the community. I, you, everyone helps where they can. Only the person who pays is different…

It will be exactly as it is in this forum. Here the MaidSafe company pays for the domain and hosting, but we, the community, manage it. If someone wants not only to pay but also to create a despotism, he will be forked out! :dragon:

Accordingly, in order for someone to destroy all our SAFE domains and forums, he must attack us in a coordinated manner. And if a Patreon betrayed us we can move to a new domain and a new forum…

The sites are uploaded to GitHub. There is a daily backup on the forums. I personally make and download a local backup of this forum every day. If an agency or government bans it tomorrow, I will restore it to another domain. :rosie:

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Distributed is better than any risk of single point of failure… and less stress on any central coordinator. If someone puts the effort in to build a community elsewhere in etc good luck to them.

While the base development is occuring, the central reference point is clear enough.

To be hoped and expected alsorts of communities should arise to make use of the base tech… and again distributed is best, so having multiple owner access, to avoid loss of access is useful… and oversight of basics like expiry dates on domains.

Good luck to any effort that raises visibility… some will fail to persist but we take that in our stride.


Yes friend. Some will give up. But in the Bell curve there are two ends - on the most left are those who gave up early, on the most right are those who will never give up :dragon:

For example, some have been working for the SAFE network since they found out about it, more than 6 years now:


Even before registering in the forum:

Stay :s: :a: :f: :e: - stay strong!