Should I be worried about using omni wallet to store my maidsafecoins?

I created a bitcoin paper wallet from to store my Maidsafe coins. I’m a long term holder and a beginner. I know that bitcoin is going through some changes. I also use to see my holdings.

Should I be worried? Is it safe to keep holding maidsafe coins in bitcoin address? Sorry for such a stupid question. I just don’t want to lose my coins.


Use omni’s “watch only” feature so you don’t have to upload your private keys


You have to. It doesn’t matter if its a paper wallet or you import the private keys of that address into a wallet. MAID reside as meta data on the BTC blockchain and uses BTC addresses.

As @whiteoutmashups says if you want to keep using that address as/“in” a paper wallet then keep using to view the balance. Only import the private keys into a omni-protocol aware wallet when you want to move the coins


I saved the private and public keys of my bitcoin address in a safe place. I use omniwallet to see balance or send coins to exchange.

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Then you are fine. . . .


so if there is any change in btc i.e hard fork or soft. it wont effect the where we hve stored our coins?

Your coins are “located” at the bitcoin address and not any wallet or site.

A wallet simply stores your address & private keys and creates transactions to move your coins when you ask it to. The coins are numbers at an address.

So to answer your concerns the coins are safe at the address. During the uncertain phase of a BTC fork, it might be unwise to move any coins because the movement might only be recorded on one blockchain and lost if it was the wrong one.

I am uncertain of what will be happening to any BTC fork, but I am certain that the omni-protocol people will ensure the right one is used once its clear which one is the right one.

thanx a lot neo for ur reply. so fork happens or not. i shouldnt be worried as long as my maidsafe tokens are safe on bitcoin address.

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This is crypto, things happen. And noone can predict the future so only ever have what you can afford to lose in it.

Having said that I am confident you need not worry and that MAID (omni-protocol tokens) are safe on any bitcoin address. But I cannot be confident about moving them after (is it) Aug 1st until the bum fight settles down and there is a winning blockchain (if a fork occurs) emerges.