Should a US President making racist comments be removed?

Just my opinon- yes. Forfeit the office.
Given the history of the US and in general its
a betrayal of the people and it cries out for the 25th amendment. If you as the president make racist coments you are mentally incompetent.
There is no way to spin this. Means to ends matter. You can’t use racism even if you think your ends are good. Every means is an end in itself and racism is an unacceptable means and an unacceptable end. Can’t use fear mongering and can’t incite hatred in your own people to spread fear. That is pure illegitimacy. And despite running against about the weakest candidate in history this guy lost by the 4th largest margin and was selected like the last GOP loser and is proving Nixonian.

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As a staunch libertarian/classical liberal, I think Trump is an idiot as much as the next guy but I never understood the “racist” allegations against him. What has he said that’s racist? I’ve seen a bunch of stuff taken out of context and drummed up by the media.

Examples (paraphrasing because I’m too lazy to look up exact quotes):
“Mexico is sending rapists and murderers across our border”
The media has equated this to saying Trump believes all Mexicans are rapists and murderers. That’s ridiculous. His statement isn’t exactly false. MS-13 is one of the worst gangs in the world, nearly on par with ISIS in terror tactics. They have sent a lot of people into the US and their gang commits a lot of violence across the US. This is a pretty established fact. These crimes are also notoriously under-reported as they can terrorize neighborhoods filled with illegals that don’t want to get involved with police for fear of deportation. The NYT actually had an article about this basically confirming Trump’s claim, which was flabbergasting.

(After Charlottesville) “There are good people on both sides”
The media tried to say that Trump was supporting Nazi’s/white supremacists when in that same speech he specifically targeted those groups and called them out. There were free speech advocates and conservative protestors there that were not part of the 200 people marching down the street shouting about racist stuff. The media equated every right wing/libertarian person there to Nazis, which is factually incorrect and borderline libel.

The media thrives on division and discord. That stuff makes news and generates ratings. Mass shootings are so rare, they are huge stories for days at a time on national news. However, the media has made them out to be so common, that people fear for their lives going out to get groceries. The same thing with terrorism. Islamic terrorists have killed ~100 people since 9/11 in a country of 330M. Mass shootings kill about 100-200 people a year in a country of 330M. You are just as statistically likely to get struck by lightning as die in a mass shooting or terrorist attack (post 9/11). You are about 3-5x more likely to get beaten to death by someone’s bare hands than die in a mass shooting. Yet, we don’t have a media epidemic about lightning strikes, or bare hand beatings.

I’m not one to sit here and spout “fake news” about all media, and say they are all crap. But one needs to take a critical look at their agenda before taking everything exactly as printed. I read/watch/listen to liberal news, libertarian news, and conservative news. Start doing that and try to wade through the biases to get what you believe to be the actual truth.

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Any sponsored media is unacceptable to me. It doesn’t matter which sponsor puppet master it is to me- Exxon-ISIS-Russia-CIA-Mossad-ALEC-MI6-Torries-Hesbollah-China-KKK-Illuminists-Goldman- Tesla shorts- sponsorship equals sponsored law and money can’t be the organizing principle.

I think if someone lies to the public for money (even though I realize blackmail is often part of it and states are unjust by definition) they should be in a court fighting for their lives facing lethal injection. I think Bushes EPA head should be facing the same with waved statues of limitations and that should extend for any fossil fuel related issue under a full Andrews type analysis with unlimited liability for everything related to that industry.

My sense is Trump’s heart was in the right place with regard to the country but if you saw his face when he won it told you everything just like Bushes’ My Pet Goat moment. He is a strong man reality show TV host who has been puppetized and appears to be quite obviously turned into a puppet for Russia.

Trump faced possibly the weakest opponent in Presidential history who was a Goldman puppet who defrauded her primary and he still lost the popular vote by the 4th largest margin in history resulting in the second GOP selection in a row and more associated supreme court corruption. Kavenaugh’s sense of entitlement totally disqualified him as did his history of covering up Bush lies in his early career- same with the other guy- both obviously psychologically imbalanced and driven by righteous bias.

But numb to his situation Trump doesn’t even respond to Collin Kapernick in proper way. He doesn’t get fossil fuels are about a right to exploit people or turn people into property or civil rights part 2 or that you cant reverse the civil war and go back to the plantation to save slavery. And numb again I am not sure he sees he is being set up for a Czarist type fall by Russia, but he is also puppetized by Israel- the 3 active powers in the world today seem to be China, Russia and Israel. Much of the right and DINO side of the left in house and senate has been puppetized by Israel as has most of the sponsored US media- the parrent state has become the client. I can only hope for a left uprising in Israel. Sponsorship is the highest form of conlict of interest and a sponsored politician is the worst kind of corruption and they are all blackmailed to the gills but worst of all feel entitled and protected.

Ivanka says she has no fear! That is outrageous, you’d have to be a Marie Antoinette to be that numb. You’re president and your son becomes president- you’re both need to do solitary for life without the possibility of parol or probation as a lenient sentencing, same if you’re president and your wife even runs. I hate royalism like nothing else and I am not alone- its the essence if what is right in Americanism- there are no “chosen.” Trump has had his whole family set up for this and no pardon will be acceptable. It checks both boxes for the highest forms of treason imaginable. I could understand what the Rosebergs did, they were trying to prevent absolute power and absolute tyrranical corruption wrapped in an American flag. I can’t understand the Trump situation unless its been a function of pure black mail. Seems like Russia and Israel are at war and the US as the pawn of both is their battle ground. But lets not kid ourselves Russia and China are both still communist, Russia suffered under slavery elevated to spirituality- both are driven to recognize intrinsic human equality by any means necessary- who do we think that fits with either White man’s burden or phrophesy of semetic rule or both?

The Soviet Union never fell it just went dark- think a peaceful dissolution is a fall? Just like there is “no church in the wild” there is no state, no money, markets, or contract. These are fictions.

So you completely abandoned your premise, did not respond to my comments in any way, and went into what I can only assume is a drug fueled tirade about a bunch of nonsense. This has been fun.

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Nope, premise holds. He’s incited instead of soothed and has at the very least sins of omission on racism- couldn’t even hold Conye in his corner. Look at his fool reps like Gaetz- openly racist. Look at Ajit Pai and Andrew Wheeler- elitest to the core and fits with the racist demagog jingoistic vibe. Look at the diversity in his organization and appointments.
And look his going to race baiting issues like the wall when in a corner.

Pentago has been calling for a wall as as response to stupid neoliberal have-have not gap driving policies and resultant climate change driven migration since the late 70s. Hillary supported it in 90s around time of her super preditor rhetoric. But Trump uses to keep brown people out racially divisive to the core and presumably to provide cover for Gaza activities. Lies about caravans don’t help.

You can have the 1% hate you and keep power in the US but more than 50% of the country plus most of the real intelligentsia and most of the world and keep power. He’s going to be removed but when it happens Pence needs to go too in a new immediate general election and we need a roll back of his supreme court nominees as well and most of the laws and agency policy that came under his admin and we need to take him out of the presidential annuls and we need a denial of the pardoning.

Jeff Bezos said he’s selected soon to be bankrupt Maralago as the next Amazon head quarters. Also said he now has 3 million drones ready to drop Mueller report free of charge on every doorstep free of charge almost as soon as the report is issued- wouldn’t be surprised if it were a leaked copy if need be- Bezos seems like the kind that would push through tollerating a plant staying in office for an indefinite term. Bezos said this in the New Yorker. If a good Libertarian billionaire of the constructive sort said this the writing is clearly on the wall.

Any politician that is business first and society second is a criminal always facing incarceration.
In this case I see the whole family being led out in hand cuffs and I don’t see pardons coming as there is a lot of hell to pay going all the way back to 911. Could be wrong, but seems most likely. I don’t think this creates a binary world because whether its a foreign state or Exxon doing the bribing the issue is the same. Americans are tired of a society based on corruption rent seeking and bribery- the bigger story is the era of employment is over with it the end of rent seeking and the permanent eviction of non contributing socially useless rent seekers.

Now post Bob Barr installation the Muller report has been extended and Trump is going back into Syria suddenly and presumably going back in or recomitting to Afganistan and hassling Venuzula as the largest oil reserve. Meanwhile PG&E is being allowed to pass its regular natural gas losses onto insurance rate payers with huge increases after it Aliso Viejo scam and involvement in Enron.

So it looks like Trump has been reacquired as an asset of US petrarchy which long ago sought to weaponize petrol with the petrol dollar and by making sure the US could embargo with fossil fuels but not be embargoed itself while creating a domestic shale insurance policy.
But this required among other things preemptive wars and overturning elections even at home Bush v. Gore and required 911. Muller helped cover 911 as did Kavenaugh and now its a reacquisition of Trump from the Russians so US petrarchy (and its mid east contingent) will leave him alone in the controlled US media and go after Bernie (who like Gore and Obama has more of a Green focus willing to abandon petrarchy sunk costs and entitled exceptionalist royalist idiocy) while promoting Hillary shill equivalents including Klobuchar, Harris and O’rourke. Remember Barr and Mueller are “great” friends.

So 2 years in the Hillary contingent finally won. But really natural gas in the US was already getting way too much reprieve instead of being extinguished. And it seems Russia had to develop its own petrarchy or fossil fuel hedge to survive the short term. Now it seems less likely we will learn more in the Mueller report. And anti Tesla fossil fuel exec Montana Moron is back and the bitching and whining about Green China will increase.
Guessing the China angle is how Bill Gates became a Silicon Valley sell out on true green energy while being a pro green hand waiver. China is free to ignore all the MS WIPO claimes and free to out innovate with more WIPO wins. Also China is free to disrupt controlled media petrarchy covers with the right 5G implementation ending scarcity and bandwith enclosure something-for-nothing rent seeker games that make pay for censorship anti neutrality work.

But remember we still have to get rid of the entitled rent seekers that think finders keepers they rolled the dice and won the contest of history and feel entitled to control people with money based on a net negative contribution- can’t last much longer in a post employment automated world where every one else’s historical claimes on social utility and actual contribution are way in the green while the the rent seekers are way in the red with real debt due now! Also if a little bit of water vapor in the atmosphere can freeze you out or drown you out a big blanket of CO2 can dry you out, wash you out and migrate you into global civil wars and nuclear war- so the externality bill is due now and owed by the fool rent seekers.

And lets remeber why historical parasite rent seekers are so anti saftynet and commons and required hugh indexed GAI. Its because it ooint at their actual net negative social utility and net negative contribution and how radically net negative both have been and continue to be in light of the world we have relative to the one we should have had by now. The theft and the real debt they owe are incalculable. The obvious solution is the immediate end of their rent seeking and them being placed in the high indexed GAI as part of a new level playing field.