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From 27.00 mins … (the whole show is interesting, tbh)

" We’re about to create a system where any alt-coin can be spent at, that should be live in a matter of weeks, where any alt-coin in the world can be spent" - Patrick Byrne, CEO,


Preston Byrne also announces which he says is a blockchain system for handling securitised lending, which he claims accounts for 75% of the revenue of Wall Street.

He’s also talking about taking blockchain currencies into countries like Venezuela to replace the broken fiat system, through an subsidiary based in Barbados.

56 minutes: PB admits he doesn’t know how to solve the energy inefficiency of bitcoin mining. Be good to tell him about SAFEnetwork I think. @fergish could you use your connection to Ernie to get this point in front of PB? Right after this he says he’s not wedded to bitcoin, but to crypto. I think he’s both technically on the ball and open to all solutions.